Office Space Trailer Recut

So I bought myself a sexy new copy of Final Cut about a week ago. Still learning how to use it, but I've made some decent progress in just a few days. Here's a fake trailer for the film Office Space I put together. Let me know what you guys think!  
Also, Happy Holidays and have a fabulous New Year :) 

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Christmas Eve SSF4 Action Now!

Let's get a few rounds in before we all have to go and spend time with our families!    

Luke has been working to get the community involved with SSF4 on the 360. i'm interested, your interested we're all interested. How about you guys take a gander at his thread and sign up! Please do, I want to bring my Dee Jay to the table with you all :) 
My gamertag is PHANTOM 45 (Yes that's a space between "M" and "45")  Send a friend request and I'll fight you! Do it now!!! Please :)  

 Hey Mr. DJ. Put a Record On For My Baby

                                           Totally Unrelated Video to Listen To While We Wait To Get Things Moving Along
Great playing with all of you guys. Happy Holidays to all, and please for the love of God do not Google "Oiled Hakan"  

My gamertag is PHANTOM 45 (Yes that's a space between "M" and "45")     

Lemon Lens: Bejeweled 3

It's a quick one this time. Production value on this particular Lemon Lens is impressively low, but hey it's Bejeweled!!!! Watch Brad get it on with Bejeweled as I surprise him with the camera at around 2:00.  

Yeah....It was that kind of day at the office today.  
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Lemon Lens: Netflix Tease

Ted Nyman busts out the Netflix and helps guide Ryan through some of's upcoming features. A little Whiskey drama courtesy of this guy, it's okay, he eased down :). And the grand finale..........Watch a few Whiskey Employees leave the building! I know you guys have been dying to watch these guys/gals strut their stuff as they head for the exit. Anyway, enjoy the video and enjoy the weekend. Seacrest out.  
UPDATE: If you're having trouble watching here, then go to the Youtube Page

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Lemon Lens: Groupons & Cupcakes

The Whiskey Staff tells it like it is with regards to Groupons. More importantly, however, Will likes to say "Cupcakes" a lot. How many times does Will say "cupcakes"? Well, you're going to have to watch this video to find out.  
Place your bets now before watching!  
Does Will Say "Cupcake" 
a) 12 times 
b) 10 times 
c)  8  times 
d) 14 times 


The Whiskey Candid Cam & Your Favorite Racing Tunes!!!

 Candid Chan

 Redemption Chan

 Candid Miesner

 Redemption Miesner
 Candid Smith
 Redemption Smith

 Candid Scanlon

     Redemption Scanlon 

Actual Blog Post Starts Here!  

Racing games are super hot right now for obvious reasons. That said, how about we pick out a few of our favorite song from racing games of the past. Yes, you can mention all the Kenny G-like music from GT5, but let's try and focus on that one particular song that just felt so right when you blazed down the straightaway. An example of a great racing game tune could be Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64. (Kart Racers are welcome too!)  My all-time favorite song in a racing game, however, comes from Midnight Club II:  
I love this song.  
Ok, throw me your musicology.

My Thoughts On Squinkies


So now that you've all familiarized yourselves with Squinkies by watching that mind blowing television commercial allow me to express a few of the concerns I have for those who've yet to be convinced that Squinkies will be this years hottest toy for the holidays. 
Concern #1: Isolation   
Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and a few cousins will all be in the know soon enough. They will learn to adapt to their children's demands for Squinkies, but since most of you are not the target audience for this toy, then you have a great chance of being left out of the loop. You'll miss out on all those precious Squinkie conversations at the dinner table. Most importantly, you'll be a complete novice when it comes to the specific names of individual Squinkies, and your entire family will laugh at you. Don't let this happen. 
Concern #2: Curiosity and Humiliation 
If you openly voiced distaste or indifference for Squinkies to your friends and loved ones, then prepare yourself for that one time where you're just too curious to resist playing with your younger siblings Squinkies. And when you do play with it, you'll be caught red-hand by your best friend, or worse, your younger sibling. Those who find you playing with a children's toy will not refrain from making fun of you at any opportune time. Readers beware.  
Concern #3: An Imbalance of Proper Aliteration Skills 
Not only will you be ridiculed for your lack of Squinkie knowledge, but you'll also miss out on fabulous alliteration skills. Judging from the aforementioned Squinkies commercial, there seems to be a strong emphasis on aliteration. For example, "squeeshy squeeshy squashy fun" is a line that even Shakespeare couldn't have written. Have fun with words guys, and make sure to get your Squinkie on! The writers over at Squinkies headquarters know what they're doing. Don't rely on amateur examples of alliteration such as,  "whereat with blade, with bloody blameful blade he bravely broached his bloody boiling breast" - A Midsummer's Night's Dream.  
Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday everyone! :)

Lemon Lens: Whiskey Media Meeting...

Finally! The damn Lemon Lens is working now. Just watch it, I don't have time to write-up a thoughtful preface for the video...All I can say is go to Ana's blog on screened and everything will make more sense. Anyway, here's a taste of what goes on during one of our video production meetings.  

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Lemon Lens: Bizarre Creations

Jeff's first reactions to the initial news regarding game developer Bizarre Creations. 

NOTE: This footage was shot while the story was developing, which means the most current information regarding "Bizarre Creations" may not reflect in this video.     
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