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Duke Returns in a Flawed but Fun Piece of History 0

While I was much more of an occasional gamer in 1996 I did play Duke Nukem 3D and remember it fondly.  Not long ago I played through the game using eDuke, a free engine source port that makes the game control and play at high resolutions and using modern control methods.  It's a great game with varied level design and a fun atmosphere, though it definitely suffers from some issues.  Jumping forward to Duke Nukem Forever I can say much the same thing... fun but flawed.Duke Nukem Forever does not ...

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Old-School Alien Shoot-'em-up With a Good PC Port 0

Ignore the Red Faction title of this game as it has very little to do with the average FPS from a decade ago or the open-world destruct-a-thon from a couple years ago. Red Faction: Armageddon is a straight-up alien blasting good time with great weapons and great environment destruction, end of story. Here's the rundown: Pros: + Fast-paced alien shooting that might remind you of older games like Quake 2 or Half-Life but with a third-person perspective. + Unique and fun to use weapons like...

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Dead Space 2 Improves on an Already Classic Original 0

 The original Dead Space was a classic with a few minor issues. If you disagree with that assessment then you probably want to read another review because that is my starting point when evaluating Dead Space 2. The issues with the original were minor but noticeable, mainly the environments got repetitive and the PC version has some annoyances. Dead Space 2 does away with both these complaints and on top of that adds some new gameplay elements which really push it into 5-star territory....

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Absolutely Terrible Game Even Compared to Average Titles 0

 I've bought a lot of games from under-the-radar developers and am rarely disappointed, so I took a risk on Shadow Harvest. In general if a game is a shooter, RPG or stealth game I will like it. I was especially interested in the stealth portion of Shadow Harvest since that genre is criminally underrepresented today, the last real stealth game I know of being Velvet Assassin, which was average at best. So I bought Shadow Harvest and installed it (it uses Steamworks), ready to give it a ...

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Modern Warfare 2 PC Singleplayer/SpecOPS Review 0

    An overdose of spectacle makes Modern Warfare 2 slightly spastic compared to its well-paced prequel, but still a great ride.  Stunning coop and competitive multiplayer round out the package.    Game: Modern Warfare 2 (Also Known As: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) Platform: PC Developer: Infinity Ward Gameplay Tested: Completed Story Mode on Hard and all the SpecOPS Missions  The original Modern Warfare was the first Call of Duty title not set in World War 2 and the first Infinity Ward t...

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