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Looks and any magic bonus. I pretty much expect to be OHKO'd anyway, so a shield is more important than armor to me.

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I liked Dark a whole lot but liked Demons a bit better. It just seemed more focused. I think taking the master key as a gift really hurt my game play experience. I was constantly sequence breaking by accident and had no idea where I was supposed to be going. Plus as someone who plays a pure mage build, it's almost impossible at first with the bonfire system. Early in the game you're constantly running out of spells and hitting the bonfire to refill your magic respawns the enemies. Which almost results to running through areas a ton. I miss the grass system.

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My Only problem with Dark Souls is it's pretty much impossible to play as a pure mage. You're pretty much forced into the spellsword build until at least lv 80. Then your Int and Att get high enough you go weapon free for the most part. Having the bonfire system really nerfs the class. Although after a ton of soul farming you're pretty much unstoppable. You OHKO black knights and 2 shot bosses. I guess thats the payoff from dieing a million times getting there.

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I'm prepared for this. I have a BOB (Bug out Bag) already loaded as a 72 hour kit, but I could live indefinitely out of it. It contains basics like extra clothes/food/fire starting kit/medical kit/hammock/etc.
I'd grab the bag, my esee junglas (because a knife is arguably the most important survival item along with the ability to make fire). 
If I was allowed to take my bag, I'd only need the 2 items along with clothes.

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I love spicy food. I put  sriacha sauce on EVERYTHING. I realize its not spicy in the run of things with only a 2200 scoville rating, but that's the minimum of heat that I eat.

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Sony was a victim? Kinda I guess. But why the pity party? The were told *MONTHS* before this that their security was outdated and did nothing about it. And then created their own PR nightmare. I don't feel sorry for them because of the way they handled the situation. What happened to them  happens to large companies every day. They just handled it badly.

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People mentioning that they own all the games is not being ungrateful. Those are some great games. But, I think it kinda amusing the only people that benefit from the freebies are people who didn't support Sony in the first place by buying the games.

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I think it's awesome. But then again I own all those titles already and feel jammed.

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Really depends on the beer. Some beer tastes good warm, some doesn't. I drink warm beer if I run out of cold beer and it's fine.

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I used to really care. I was super competitive with friends and I thought it really helped me get everything out of most games. Then after *seven* 360s later I don't ever really play my 360 except for exclusives. I switched to ps3 as my main console. After I realized I was spending day after day  spending 6 hours of a totally terrible game to get a 1000/1000 or a plat I decided I was wasting my time. My time is too valuable to waste 6 hours on something I don't enjoy. I only play games I really enjoy now. I might spend a few extra min going for some points or trophies if they're easy to get, but I don't put the grind in anymore.