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not sure how this will pan out, but sure sounds exciting!
wish you the best of luck out there in New York Vinny!

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@adequatelyprepared: if you can I would suggest the AX series PSU from corsair, I believe Seasonic developed them for Corsair and are basically identical to their own
only the fan is different

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well the general recommendations I would make is buy a Seasonic branded PSU
those are slightly more expensive but they have great reliability.

the rest all depends on what other requirements you need, regarding to size and modularity
and the rating.

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usually on the manufacturer website they have the details listed regarding connectors and accessories included
what is the minimum wattage requirements, price and form factor measurements that you are looking for in a PSU?

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whats the intended use?

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I don't understand why people are so upset about Marcus Beer.... yes he comes off as an asshole sometimes, but that's part of his persona. I like the fact that he doesn't hold back with his opinions...

its all entertainment!

he himself has numerous times said that he is not a game journalist he's just an "opinionist"... if you don't like what he has to say just don't watch the show.

even Jonathon Blow was able to respond in a more lighthearted manner:

I'm sorry that Phil Fish feels the way he does, I personally liked Fez and hope Phil goes back to making games eventually. but in the end no one is forcing Phil Fish to do anything, he is a grown ass man he can make his own decisions.

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I have no words for the loss that occurred here...
this is so sad and terrible... I wish you guys all the best.

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@mrpibb: thank you for resetting my account!

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Step one: in game Hats!

Step two: ......

Step three: Profit!

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Location: the Netherlands

ISP: Lijbrandt Telecom

I hope you don't mind but I removed the IP addresses of the first two hops in the trace route for security concerns.