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Since we are exceptional videogames charitystreamers, we've managed to omit our actual starting time...

We're kicking this off at 10 A.M. Eastern this Saturday (the 25th), so come hang out, donate to a great cause, and help make Eorzea a safer place for the kids!

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This game is alright, I guess...

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@kishinfoulux: You shouldn't need to apply on the Guildwork site once you attach a XIV character to your profile. It should automatically authorize you based on your membership in the FC.

As for attaching your character, the Guildwork profile settings should have the option to attach a character and will walk you through the process. Admittedly, it has been a while since I needed to do so, so my knowledge of the process is rusty at best.

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The GB guild is still very active. We have a solid international representation, so there are people on at all hours. If you decide to jump in, you can find us on the Ultros server.

If anything, the game has only improved since launch. Many of the early issues with late-game leveling have been smoothed out, and many quality-of-life improvements have been implemented. What is most encouraging is SE's commitment to adding content at regular intervals. The two previous content patches added a ton of stuff, and the third (coming July 8th) looks to add a ton more.

If you are in the market for an MMO, I could not recommend XIV more. It is a fantastic game.

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Recently started playing and was looking for an invite. "Emmawinfall" is the character name.

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Waiting for Hydra.

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Just snagged a copy and looking for an invite if there's still room. Emma Winfall's the character, and I should be on later this afternoon (9/16).


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This is devastating news, even for someone like myself who only knew the man through all the incredible work he produced over the years. My deepest sympathy to Ryan's wife, his family, his colleagues, friends, and fans.

Ryan Davis, you will be missed, but more important, you will always be loved.