Beatbox Hero

Game with the central mechanic being beatboxing different songs. Freestyle would be multiplayer only.

Tycoon game where you run an Opera house.

Somalian Pirates In SPAAAAAAACE!


Joe Burger, Health Inspector

How about a game where you play a health inspector? It could play out LA Noir style, with the overarching plot being determining the source of a massive outbreak of salmonella. Side missions would be things like going undercover at restaurants to get an idea of how sanitary they are, or filing the paperwork to shut down a bar that's been serving burgers made from spoiled meat.

The main collectibles would be take-out menus and secret recipes.


Random game ideas

-Open world game where you play as a worker ant in a massive, country-sized (from your perspective, that is) ant hive. The goal of the game is to overthrow the oppressive ant ruling class and establish a utopia where the worker ants control the means of production. There would be somewhere around a hundred different paths to success, most of which won't be immediately obvious.

-Space smuggler game. Make as much money as you can in any way you can, don't get caught, don't get killed, and retire to a planet all your own. Think Taipan!, but in space.

-RPG where you plays as a homeless man.