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That's not it. YOU KNOW that's not it. It's mostly about what Marokai is saying: that Patrick has dragged his moral crusade into the GB News section and has shamed half the community despite his good intentions.

If you don't want to get shamed for having really shitty opinions don't have shitty opinions. I really don't feel there's an obligation to be nice when half the GB community is completely dismissive of the problem?

But the very fact that Patrick has decided their opinions are shitty and has taken it upon himself to shame them for them is what many here are irritated with. You don't like what they post? Ignore them, or talk about it in the forums, or even ban them if they're being disruptive. But when you decide to single out individual members of the community for their opinions because you don't like what they have to say, and post about it in a news article?

Yeah, that's going too far. I may not agree with the individual in question's post (and whether or not I do is, in fact, irrelevant), but Patrick is also in the wrong here.

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You're missing my point. People aren't eyeing you because you're a man. They're doing it because you aren't a woman.

I believe it is you who are missing the point. The implication that woman are caregivers and men are not implies not only that women are caregivers, but that men are not. It implies not only that the role of women is that of a caregiver, but that men cannot safely act in that role. Which is sexist against women and men, not just one or the other.

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males aged 14-24 are the problem

Yeah, nah. Go peddle your schlock elsewhere. Blaming an entire group for a few bad apples is wrong, and it's exactly what you're doing. How would you like it if I assumed you're a Nazi because you happened to be German?

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I don't watch the Quick Looks for the games anyways. I watch them for the jokes.

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But why no independent candidates? Aren't people sick of the Republican/Democrat back and forth of terrible government decisions and rights violations yet?

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The free market has spoken!