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i could use more crap on my shelves, why not

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You know what you have to do now, right? Make a video about Mutant League Hockey so somebody will make a new one of those

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Man, I loved DQ9 and played the hell out of it. But... Bastion, man.

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Is it just me or could this have all been avoided if they didn't immediately go to whining about how the press is always asking them questions and just said "I don't want to talk about a rumor"

I really have no personal opinion of Phil Fish one way or the other, but he's obviously a dude with some issues that he needs to work out and I hope he finally realizes it. Because let's be real, if you treat people the way that he's treated people over the past few years, what are you expecting? People to be nice to you? Not to excuse in any way the shit that he gets, nobody deserves that, but at some point he has to look at himself before going on about "the internet"

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Every single person that has claimed this has yet to show any proof at all. Why don't you post some?

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now if only there was a patch to make the game not a shoddy console port

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so stoked for bomber vs nestea, that should be epic

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@yinstarrunner said:
" I think everybody in this thread is HUGELY MISSING THE POINT.  Half his post wasn't necessarily criticizing the merits of the story, but the fact that the game relegated lots of cool sequences and fights to cutscenes instead of gameplay.  I haven't even played Bulletstorm, but all you people coming in here saying "durrr the story's supposed to be dumb" without even reading the guy's post somehow manage to seem even dumber.  The other part of his post is complaining that the game left him unfullfilled.  It also sounds like a perfectly legitimate complaint whether the story was retarded or not.  This thread is a perfect example of people seeing a buzzword in the thread title and assuming they know what the post contains. "
The problem with leaving some sequences as gameplay is that you're going to have to railroad the player into doing exactly what you want them to do anyway, otherwise it just turns silly. Making it a cutscene lets you do things with the camera that you can't in a first person perspective
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I'd be willing to bet for every person supposedly turned away by Bulletstorm's ridiculous ad campaign, many more actually paid attention to the game because of it. As silly and dumb as the marketing was, it really did show you that this wasn't just another FPS