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I was really looking forward to East Vs. West.

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Oh Phil Fish, the world renowned DJ! He made a game?

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I even found the multiplayer to be quite entertaining. A few buddies and I would spend entire afternoons just playing it.

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Interesting figures. Someone's gotta do it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Most of the really good stuff has been called out. I will therefore plunge into the slightly more obscure games.

-Mister Mosquito

-Mad Maestro

-Shadow of Memories

-Fatal Frame series

-Disaster Report

Any Shin Megami Tensei game is a great time. I can't think of any other games off the top of my head but there are tons.The PS2 is the best console ever made.

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I just got into it again as well. Would be cool to have a giant bomb guild.

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I could have sworn it was 10% as well. This is the first I heard of someone saying it was 20%. I require audio proof.

Edit: No, you're right. They clearly say 20% on their previous podcast.

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This is great!

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Given the fact that you have no current income and that your savings are quite low, I wouldn't do it. However, if financial responsability isn't for you, fuck it and subscribe! The content and backlog is more than worth it in my opinion.

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