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Oh Phil Fish, the world renowned DJ! He made a game?

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I even found the multiplayer to be quite entertaining. A few buddies and I would spend entire afternoons just playing it.

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Interesting figures. Someone's gotta do it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Most of the really good stuff has been called out. I will therefore plunge into the slightly more obscure games.

-Mister Mosquito

-Mad Maestro

-Shadow of Memories

-Fatal Frame series

-Disaster Report

Any Shin Megami Tensei game is a great time. I can't think of any other games off the top of my head but there are tons.The PS2 is the best console ever made.

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I just got into it again as well. Would be cool to have a giant bomb guild.

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I could have sworn it was 10% as well. This is the first I heard of someone saying it was 20%. I require audio proof.

Edit: No, you're right. They clearly say 20% on their previous podcast.

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This is great!

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Given the fact that you have no current income and that your savings are quite low, I wouldn't do it. However, if financial responsability isn't for you, fuck it and subscribe! The content and backlog is more than worth it in my opinion.

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I completed 'Gone Home' earlier today. It is by no means a long game. And yet, I have been deep in thought about it ever since.

This game is important in so many ways to the advancement of interactive media as an art form. On a mechanical level, it encourages the player to immerse himself in the world by making almost all story elements contextual to the surroundings. The player is rewarded for exploring the rooms of the house and putting the pieces of the story together.

The story traffics heavily in subtlety. The main story is fairly obvious and straightforward, but all other side stories are left to interpretation.

Most importantly, this game is important for its social commentary. It doesn't force itself, but it is there. I acknowledge this game as a very important step in society taking games much more seriously.

On a more personal level, although I consider myself to be quite unphased by most stories, this one got to me. if a game can manage to make me shed a tear, then it is truly something special.

These are my first impressions of the game. I know it resembles a rambling bunch of half-ideas, hence why it is not a blog post. I mainly just wrote this as a jumping off point to hear the opinions of rest of the community. Thoughts?