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Noble Map Pack Review 0

After 2 months since launch, Reach fans now have their hands on the first map pack for download. Big seller Halo Reach's Noble Map Pack features 3 new maps ready for matchmaking. For ten bucks you get Tempest- a large beachside map perfect for CTF and slayer alike, Anchor 9- interior of a ship featuring a large zero G area similar to Zealot, and the largest of the three, Breakpoint- a huge outdoor map mostly fitted for invasion and big team.    Anchor 9The scene is a UNSC ship. It basically take...

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Not many changes, but remains a stellar shooter 0

This decade's Call of Duty games have been intuitive, fresh and a stepping stone in the first person shooter genre. Dating back to Modern Warfare, COD has been the fan favorite and number one shooter for gamers on Xbox 360 and PS3 alike. This newest edition to the series, Black Ops, is no less impressive. Minor problems and a the fact that nothing much has changed with the formula hold it back from being number one in my book. Black Ops, sends us back in time to the 1960's cold war era, where...

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Halo Reach- A Review 0

Boy have we come a long way since Combat Evolved. The Microsoft money maker Halo, has been a genre defining first person shooter since 2001. Developer Bungie bids farewell to it's beloved series with their newest release, Halo Reach. The events in this game take place on the main military installation for the UNSC, planet Reach. It also takes place during the events prior to Halo 1, and is the first time in the series that players have had the chance to fill the boots of other Spartans, other th...

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Quick Review- Dead Rising 2: Case Zero 0

Who knew five bucks could get you so much zombie slaying action. First I need to clarify this is not only a measly "paid demo" as I've heard so many times. Sure It's short but it certainly has enough to keep you busy for a few hours and with a price tag at 400 MS points who can complain?  Well this game throws you in the shoes of Chuck Greene, a motocross professional trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in a town called Still Creek. His only company is his daughter Katie. Oh yea, did I mention...

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I'm never going to go into the woods again. 0

  LIMBO Xbox 360 Arcade Release Date -July 21, 2010    Imagine waking up from your sleep in the middle of a grassy field out in a creepy black and white forest. Dwarfing you with its tremendous size and a sinister atmosphere to match, you will soon find out there aren’t too many good things going on in this forest. In fact it’s filled with evil creatures, life threatening traps and mysteries that just can’t be explained. What little sunlight you see breaking through the canopy to the fore...

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Deathspank- Those orphans won't rescue themselves 0

Deathspank                         XBLA  and PSN                        Release date 7/14/10       Deathspank is an action RPG developed by Ron Gilbert (Diablo, Monkey Island) of Hothead Games, in which you meet the mighty hero Deathspank. He is the savior of the downtrodden and noble dispenser of justice. You’ll find yourself in a typical RPG environment with enemies ranging from chickens to dragons on your quest to obtain The Artifact! (Yeah that’s a part of the comedy in the game.) That’...

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Naughty Bear- Have "Some" Fun with It 0

Naughty Bear - Xbox 360 Naughty Bear is a third person teddy bear murdering action game released on June 29 from 505 Games for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. After months of waiting, I finally got out hands on it. Among dozens of trailers no one really got to see any gameplay leading up to the release date. I now know why. The premise of the entire game is just being “naughty.” You take control of a bear named Naughty (surprise) and he’s completely pissed that the other bears are always making fun ...

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