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Noble Map Pack Review

After 2 months since launch, Reach fans now have their hands on the first map pack for download. Big seller Halo Reach's Noble Map Pack features 3 new maps ready for matchmaking. For ten bucks you get Tempest- a large beachside map perfect for CTF and slayer alike, Anchor 9- interior of a ship featuring a large zero G area similar to Zealot, and the largest of the three, Breakpoint- a huge outdoor map mostly fitted for invasion and big team.   
Anchor 9
The scene is a UNSC ship. It basically takes place in a ship repair bay with shields blocking players off from the zero gravity area. Zero G didn't work well on Zealot before they patched it to where you could not camp in it, and I don't think it works well on this map; although it does make CTF a little more interesting. Other than that there are plenty of hiding spots and upstairs areas perfect for Headhunter and Stockpile. Best suited for smaller teams but can handle more. Good fast gameplay on a symmetrical map. 
Two large forerunner structures, used as makeshift bases face each other on this symmetrical shoreline map. This map is the best of the 3 to take into forge and make up some new creations. Great for larger teams and works well with the Team Snipers game type. CTF also is great on this map. Rocks and trees provide cover away from the wide area in the middle for large scale battles with vehicles. Also choose from a selection of mancannons for quick jumps across.  
The only snowy map featured in Reach so far takes place in what I want to call a mining facility. This is the largest map in the pack. Invasion works well on it, requiring the Elites to take over A or B in standard Invasion fashion, then they must carry a bomb to the next set of territories to plant and blow the doors off the room holding the core, which of course needs to be carried to extraction. Not quite symmetrical, this map features a long winding mountain right up the middle giving snipers the high-ground for support. Best for big teams and Invasion.  
So there you have it, the rundown on the Noble Map Pack. These maps will run $10 and will also reward players the chance to unlock 250 more gamerscore points. 

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