Am I a member of a dying breed? (blog post)

I grew up with the pc as a gaming platform. I started with a commodore 64, moved on to nintendo stuff until i got my first PC. I still remember the specs mostly, it was a 486 dx2. I discovered wolfenstein 3d, and my gaming life changed forever. Moved onto doom,quake,quake2,tribes,tribes2,quake 3 arena (still play to this day thanks to,ut2k4,ut3(not as good) and the newer games from then on.
However It seems that the pc is a dying platform and this makes me sad. On the pc games used to be complex and challenging. Now on the console games are much much easier and dumbed down. Look at the newest "smash hit" modern warfare 2.   I have this game on the pc. Gone are the dedicated servers which drove the pc community. Now we cant even make our own maps or mods. We are stuck with random servers and dont get to know the people in a dedicated server as before. The game itself feels very dumbed down and looses all pc semblance. 
The same with console ports to the pc. Dumbed down, huge menus that take up half the screen. Bigass weapons. Horrible FOV. Slow pacing ect.
 What happened to the days of hitting a guy with a rocket to the feet,launching him into the air, and then hitting him again with another rocket midair or finishing him off with a rail. This sort of stuff took skill. Gone are the days of fast paced gaming that really challenged you. If it was not for, i wouldnt have a choice when it comes to first person shooters. I prefer the fast pace of quake to the slow pace of call of duty. I love mastering strafe jumping,skiing and other movement technqiues these old games provided. Now it feels like im playing in jello. This is how gaming USED to be.


  Look at that shit. Look at the amount of skill and coordination it requires! When you pulled this off you felt godlike!. This is gone.
Gaming is going down the tubes in my opinion. The golden age of gaming has past and i fear it will never return. 
Or am i just an old fart who cant accept change?