Oh god I actually finished a game

When you play nothing but rpgs and it takes months to beat some of them, well... I haven't been so good about finishing games lately.  Or at least it takes me forever.  I finally bought The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age on a whim a few weeks ago and got so swept up in my love for LOTR that I finished it off in just 2 weeks.  The mechanics are ok, the story is weak (the story they give you on top of the film story I mean).  But I love the environments and enemies, and kicking ass on Middle Earth was a lot of fun.  35 hours for me.  Highlights were fighting the Balrog and Mumakils (those giant elephants, and fighting 2 at one point was maybe the toughest fight of the game).  Time to go back to Final Fantasy XII, so I don't repeat what happened to me 4 years ago:  getting really far then not finishing.  I'm further now than I was back then after restarting in October, and though I fell victim to this pleasant orc slaughtering distraction, I'm lucky it didn't derail me too much.  I was in the thick of some rare monster and esper hunting.