Dear blog,

Today I was reminded that I'm such a cunt.
Well, in a bad way I mean, normally I take pride in lashing out to as many silly people as possible.
But today I snapped at a close friend.
The solution? 
Go over to soothe her.
The problem?
15 centimeters of snow and the fact that I just got home T_T
Doing good feels horrible, but I guess that's karma, isn't it dear blog of mine?
Ah well!
*puts gloves back on*


The last few days before christmas, such a hell!

That's kinda what I think whenever somebody looks at me.
Christmas spirit? Fuck that, if you didn't like me all year don't bother pretending you do now, it will only make you look even more pathetic.
So, nice introduction eh?
I've been meaning to come up with some kind of meaningful series of blogs, but beyond me raging at the world (of warcraft) or videogames there's little I can offer.
Well, I could always put some of my storytelling up here, but if you guys wanted to read you'd buy a book right? Or strategy guide in gamers cases I suppose!
Lets get this kicking, time's a wasting and christmas is around the corner, ready to mutilate our wallets and leave us craving for more!


Steam, yo.

Steam's got this sale thing going again, all the usual good deals and even though I'm opposed to digital services like this I am kinda amazed at the quality they offer for such low prices. 
I rather have a real copy in my hands that I can show off to my housemates who have absolutely no interest in it but that's part of being a gamer.  So for those who haven't checked it out, please do so!
Oh and don't fucking complain about 'OMG I BOUGHT SO MUCH I WILL NEVER PLAY WOE IS ME' shit afterwards, I'll jam a hairpin through your neck if you do.

Lair of the Shadowbroker

So, did I ever mention that I hate downloadable content? Its pricey, crappy, cheesy and more things that end with y.
So far I don't regret the General Knoxx and Dr Ned's Zombie Island DLC for Borderlands, Bring down the Sky for Mass Effect 1 and Lair of the Shadowbroker, rest I ever paid for was a rip off of stuff that should have been free, cheaper or on the bloody disc.
Anyway, Mass Effect 2!
I was happily surprised that LotS actually was worth the money and the opening really got me into the action right away.
The crime scene, the building fight after and the cutscenes were top notch, not gonna spoil the rest but its amazing if you have any attachment to Mass Effect and Liara.
Thing that got me was Liara really, she was way too bitchy so I ignored her in the main game (ME2 I mean), Jack wasn't going for girls sadly, Jacob was talking too much, Thane's a creepy fish and Grunt was only interested in murdering stuff (not good for long term that).
So, Garrus, yeah, the way he told it to me was like he needed to blow off steam so I went with it, and lo and behold Liara made an awesome remark about me going with Garrus! Bioware did it again and perfectly reeled me back in.
Strange to say, but I fell in love all over again with Liara so I had to win her back, while dodging the shadow brokers agents who wanted to murder my face and doing what not, I was very satisfied.
I just need a capture device thingie so I can make pics of my Shepard, she's amazing and I wish I could be half the woman she is.


Argh! Enough with the crappy sales and sappy tales, we need to freak out! Ready? Okay!
So few days left for christmas, I'm low on cash, low on presents and low on friends.
1 is bad, 2 is badder, 3 is perfect.
The rest of my week will be pretty hectic but hopefully worth it.
Wednesday: Work from 8 to 5 - Biggest challenge: Getting to work somehow, 15 centimeters of snow! :|
Thursday: Day off! Present buying with my cousin! Biggest challenge: Actually buying presents and not spending my last money on Dead Rising 2
Friday: Work from 8 to 5 - Biggest challenge: Not murdering everyone since I hate my job and all the people there. 
Weekend: Being social! - Biggest challenge: Actually being social! 
Aah, its the season to care and share with those you love.
But what about those you love but don't love you back?
To all my Giantbomb followers, stalkers, lovers, haters and fans,
I wish you a merry christmas and I hope you get something you actually wanted!
Be kind to those you love, absolutely ruin christmas for those you loathe and always be true to yourself.

Lets end this horrible mess of a blog with a cheerful inspirational song shall we?

Talicia's GOTY 2010

I've never been so excited for a game, not even a Zelda and I got a fricking Triforce on my shoulder, then Mass Effect 2.
The intro made me cry like a little girl and I played the game nonstop for a good time.
No other game has touched me like this in 2010, not even Red Dead Redemption with its amazing music and ending nor Fable 3 with its fantasy adventure or any other game.
Mass Effect 2 is my Game of the Year 2010.
I can only hope that Mass Effect 3 lives up to 1 and 2 and impresses me, or should I say totally freaking murder my emotions, again when its released.
Bravo Bioware.

Attention people who want to get back into WoW.

Either you fucking do it or you shut the fuck up.
WoW is not an addiction, WoW is an addictive game, stop being whiney pussies with your 'oh my social life will suffer!' and shit.
I've played WoW for about 6 years now and it hasn't influenced my life or social life one bit.
Sure there were times where I was WoWing instead of working or going out, but I also shagged my boyfriend while I should have been working on an article for example.
Stop being such children and enjoy the game.
Or not, but then please sod off back to your forum spamming (social life? ha!) and leave the fans to enjoy.
It's only an addiction if you want it to be.
Like smoking, drinking, lots of stuff.
Get some more willpower!


Punishing the rightious.

So yeah,
I've been kinda really sick and down the last 2 weeks.
I'll be fine in time and just need to get better but then in the middle of trying to recovering here's the kicker!
My work tells me I should just show up, while I tell them that I can hardly walk straight at the moment.
Yesterday I said sure I'll give it a try and today I unfortunately had to call in sick again as my condition didn't improve.
So work decides to 'demand' my presence on monday, which is normally my day off.
Am I being punished here for being sick?
The doctor bloody told me I need to stay inside and get rest, so I do, and now I have to lose a day because work thinks I'm being a pussy?
Well I might have a pussy but I'm not a pussy goddamnit!
Point here is why should I even put effort into this shit?
I'm always on time, always quick and efficient with work, always meet the deadlines and now I get flak?
I do not understand why I should even bother with doing my best anymore, it counts for naught!
Now lets take it to the videogame side.
I was on a forum about World of Warcraft and people asked question: Why do people dislike Blood Elfs?
I answered that I think most newbies play Blood Elfs and tend to set a bad name for them, which could happen to any race (before Blood Elves it were the Forsaken who had a newbie status).
So yeah you probably guessed it, people instantly react hostile.
I explained my reasons but still got more flak from one dude.
Seems that since my ingame character hasn't got the best items available and over 8000 achievements points that I am a bad player myself who knows nothing of Warcraft.
Well I'm sorry but I probably played the game longer then you (since release) but you don't hear me bring that up.
What is the world coming to, that you need achievements before you can have a discussion on a forum...


My weekend sucks, how about yours?

Well, damn.
Was expecting Fable 3 to come in today, it did but my housemate refused to sign for the package out of spite and now I've gotta wait the weekend out.
Which sucks because my weekend was a little centered around Fable 3, my birthday party and doing nothing.
So yeah, in other news: Noodles are still my favorite food, especially when its 4am they taste great! 
Might be because I'm half awake and my tired body gets an sense orgasm or something ^^.
That said, I'm taking my friends (the real ones, not the voices in my head or my giantbomb followers) out to the asian place tuesday, it's gonna be fun!
And for gaming?
Well World of Warcraft again, should have sold my account when I had the chance actually!
Some internet duder is trying to be all tough on me and slander my name, but after trying to just have a discussion it seems all he can do is attack and insult me.
Well I can be miss tough tits too kiddo, but really I'm not gonna try this time.
If he feels better then me and needs to insult me every chance he gets, he can enjoy his internet victory while I just play the game =)
 Yes, I nerd raged a little bit, but it keeps amazing me how people can be such assholes with little reasoning.
Alright, now for the fun part!
Which part you ask? Well the part where I first ask myself why I wrote this blog and then I'll make noodles and watch a new episode of Big Bang Theory.
Thank you for the rage and so long ^_^


Just have to put this out here.

I just discovered a topic in the Warcraft forums where my 2 friends and me are being mocked.
The idiot in question is referring to a battle between the three of us and him and his friend.
They won everytime due to better tactics/gear, we had lots of fun and I had a good talk afterwards with his friend.
But this douche is seriously mocking us.
Exactly what is wrong with the game.
They got the best pvp gear available, we had some random dungeon items, and now he's just mocking us...
Hell, I'd kick his ass back to the moon if I had that kind of gear.
Having better gear doesn't make you a better player (nor give you the right to insult others).


A short story about Monster Hunter

This is a short story I wrote about my character (and a few friends) in Monster Hunter.
Felt the need to share it even tho it ain't all that refined, so enjoy reading hopefully! ^_^ 
Spoiler: grammar fail.

Raindrops gently ticked on her goggles as she looked up.
The base camp was build under a big piece of rock, raining dripping of its edges on the hunters below.
She put some Piercing shots in her rifle, reloaded it and hung it back on her shoulder.
Next to her Azur was finishing of his last rations, the guy had one heck of an appetite she noted.
He nodded at her and silently ate.
Her gaze shifting to her right, eye-ing the weirdly named hunter Frogmon sharpening his blade. His eyes rolled in their sockets when their views collided and if they were in earshot, he would no doubt have given her a sarcastic comment.
Tali shrugged and fixed her eyes on the last member of the group, Sil.
Sil was the kind of type who brags a lot about what he had hunted or what elusive weapons he had forged, yet always seemed to get injured a lot.
Nonetheless this ragtag team of hunters was what she had to make due with, hunting in the Flooded Forest.

Aptly named, she noted, gazing through the makeshift waterfall of rain dripping of the rocks above her.
She steadied the goggles above her eyes, checked her pouch one last time and ventured from under the rock, towards the soaked trees and drowned plants.
Frogmon sheathed his blade and quickly followed, Sil doing likewise.
Azur was finishing his last bit of the ration and suddenly noticed the empty base camp around him. Grumbling to himself he picked up his Switch-Axe and quickly set out.

The water was up to her knees, it was hard to tell where you could stand or where the deep rivers began, making their search that more dangerous.
As they climbed some vines up to a vantage point above two sets of eyes lurked from the nearby bushes, setting eyes on prey.
Halfway through the climb, Tali looked down and saw Frogmon gazing up, right underneath her Jaggi-skin skirt.
She pulled up one brow and looked cold at Frogmon.
"Don't make me kick you down"
"I'd shrug if I could, but I'd fall"
"Won't miss ya"
"I feel so loved"
"Shut up and climb"
Tali fixed her eyes upwards and made pace towards the booming sounds of the waterfall above.
Getting closer to the top, Tali pulled herself up on the ridge and turned around to help the rest up.
The group inspected their belongings and gathered near the waterfall and looked down below.
"So it's gotta be around here" Sil mumbled.
"Yep" Azur nodded.
"And we're supposed to spot it from up here?" Frogmon pondered.
"Yep" Azur said again.
"And just how are we supposed to do that if it lives underwater mostly?"
Sil pointed at Tali and said: "We've got her, she's got built in binoculars in those goggles I bet"
Tali gave them half a look and adjusted her goggles, scanning the waters surface below and nearby landings.
"There, I see some Ludroth"
She pointed at several figures in the distance laying prone on the nearby landing.
"I see about seven of 'em, but I bet there's more in the water."
"Aye, nasty beasties those" Sil added.
"But that's not why we're here" Frogmon said, trying to read a parchment soaked due to the constant downpour.
"Well, I bet if we spill some blood, the alpha male is gonna show up sooner or later" Azur chipped in.
"Azur's right, when they feel threatened they will call for him." Tali said, pushing her goggles up.
"Well, time to climb back down then" Sil said, smirking.
As they turned around the ground rumbled beneath them and seemed to crack open.
"Whoa what's this then" Frogmon yelled trying to steady himself.
"Didn't know there were tropic Barroths"
"There aren't Azur, at least I hope not" Sil said, hand firmly on his still sheahted sword.
Tali kneel down, reached into her ammo pouch and loaded some pellets into her weapon.
Aiming at the ground in front of her, she shot without hesitation and several pellets dug their way into the ground or skimmed the muddy waters.
A large submersed grunt was heard.
"What is this I don't even..." Frogmon started and jumped back when a giant lantern emerged from the ground not far away from him.
"Garden lightning on demand?" He said and poked it with his finger.
Sil quickly looked his way, noticed the lantern reacting to the touch and suddenly screamed: "COVER YOUR EYES, IT'S A GOBUL"
"A who what now?" Frog proclaimed as sparks ignited from the lantern.
Azur unsheathed his blade and stood next to Frogmon.
The sparks grew brighter and a large roar was heard underneath them.
In several seconds everything happened at once.
The lantern sparked brightly and a eyeblinding flash came from it.
Sil barely got down in time but Azur and Frogmon did not react in time and got blinded by it's light. Tali quickly jumped down and activated her goggles, the thick Jaggi hide covered the eyes and blocked out the flash.
She quickly got up again and looked at Sil.
He was up again, his Great Sword firmly grasped, scanning the ground for their submerged assailant.
Azur and Frogmon had fallen down, rolling about in the murky waters and soaked sands, rubbing their eyes.
Not a moment later she saw a giant hump of sand moving towards them.
"Sil, there!" she screamed and quickly grasped her rifle.
Sil nodded and sprinted towards the lump of sand, using his momentum to unleash a blow with the flat side right on top of it.
Suddenly sand flew everywhere as the creature, a Gobul as thought, errupted from the ground and rolled around in pain, making fishlike sounds combined with threatened roars.
Azur and Frogmon finally regained some sense and backed up next to Sil.
The Gobul had put itself back on solid ground and roared menacing, spikes popping out its back and it's plantlike whiskers raised in a threatening manner.

The gobul did not give time to think and charged his way towards the group, standing dangerously close to the edge of the waterfall.
Its strange bellyrumbling like roars grew louder and it took a jump towards them.
Sil rushed forward and tried to deflect the incoming beast with the weight of his massive iron sword, in vain.
The Gobul's sheer weight made Sil slide backwards in the mud and onto his hands and knees.
"Damnit" he proclaimed, "why are monsters so fat!"
As if provoked the Gobul roared and headbutted Sil off the cliff
"Sonnuvvabiiiii" was the last thing the group heard before Sil dissapeared into the mists below.
Looking from left to right the Gobul was preying on its next target and suddenly charged once again towards Frogmon.
The beast rushed forwards and tried to bite Frogmon.
Frogmon having the advantage of using a small sword and shield, used this mobility to dodge it's bite, jump up and swinged himself of the Gobul's lantern next to Tali.
"So are you gonna kill it, or bore it too dead?" she asked him when he grinned in her face.
"Not sure yet!"
The Gobul however did make up its mind and swinged his body around to focus on Azur, the massive tail hitting Frogmon in the back, also sending him tumbling of the waterfall.
Tali gulped, her group proved to be more bark then bite and if there's anything she dislikes its fighting a giant blowfish with spikes on its back alone.

Azur decided this was enough and did a running dodge past the incoming Gobul, landing on his right side. The Gobul however used it's spiked back to its advantage and rolled towards him on his side.
Barely dodging in time Azur escaped a pin cushion death and start his assault on its tail.
The Gobul roared in pain from the fire enchanted axe and let out an stunning roar.
Covering her ears in pain Tali barely saw the Gobul coming for her and rolled sideways.
She lost her footing in the mud however and slided down into the waters and the stream took her towards the cliff.
Barely being able to grasp the rocks sticking out of the wall, she held on and tried to pull her frail body through the gushing waterstream.
Making her way upward she saw a plant sticking out the edge, without second thought she grasped it.
Suddenly she felt spikes pierce her hand, and realized too late it was the Gobul's tail she grasped, it's spikes coated in a paralyzing toxic.
Cursing her luck she felt her body stiffen as she was forced to let go and fell towards the depths below.

"Tali? Hello you there?"
Her entire body paralyzed she could see only raining dropping on her face as she lay floating in the river.
Frogmon and Sil had survived the fall thanks to the deep water and luckily had seen her fall.
If not, she would have surely drowned thanks to the toxic paralyzing her body, making her a snack for any water creature who happened to swim by.
"Open up and say A girl" she heard Frogmon say as he stuffed some herbs in her mouth and down her throat.
The herbs were soothing to the touch, which she noticed because they neutralized the toxic and got her nerves working again, and soon strength came back to her soaked body.
"Well, that was rather unpleasant" Sil said
"Kinda surprised you didn't kill it in one swing mate" Frogmon shot him.
"I was distracted"
"Oh I'm quite sure you were"
"Ok shut up both of ya, we're still in monster filled water and Azur is probably eaten by now." Tali yelled, strength discovered in her anger at the two bickering idiots in a hostile forest.
"Least he died with a full belly" Frog laughed to himself.
As if summoned by their conversation a loud splash stirred their attention.
with haste they swum towards it and to their shock saw the Gobul's lantern pop up from the water surface, slightly sparkling.
The group quickly covered their eyes and awaited the flash, but their ears were greeted by a hard laughter.
Azur popped up from underwater and held the lantern in his hand.
"Fooled ya!"
"Oh you!" Tali laughed back.
"Right, not funny!" Frog shrugged.
"I wasn't scared by the way..." Sil mumbled.
Azur swum over to Tali and handed her the lantern and smiled.
"Figured it would make a nice lamp for the lady!"
She accepted the gift and wasn't sure to look disgusted or thankful.
"Right, thanks I suppose, but we've got a mission to complete."
"Aye, lets get to it" Sil said and dove underwater.
The group followed and approached the nearby landing where the Ludroth were sleeping.
Frogmon and Azur silently snapped the necks of the beasts sleeping underwater and the group landed ashore and readied their weapons, the Ludroth already awoken due to their rather noisy approach from the water.

The group made short work of the beasts as they worked in tandem to maximize their strength and cover each others weaknesses.
As they nodded to each other, inspected their weapons and ammo, they scavenged the corpses for useable claws and hides.
Their victory was shortlived however.
As water bursted next to them and a giant shadow jumped over them.
The beast turned around and roared, it's spongelike neck forming a royal crest around its head, deserving of the name Royal Ludroth.
The group readied themselves as the beast roared once more and charged.

This is what they lived for.

Graphics mean nothing, they shouldn't.

At least in most cases they shouldn't.
Some games have a very strong engine and can come up with the most lifelike and realistic cutscenes ingame like on demand.
Look at Mass Effect, there's a lot of choices in that game and none will have you question the visual flair you experience.
It totally fits too, that's half the idea, it's one big streaming story.
So why do you punks even get the guts to complain about other games?
For most of you gaming started way back when you were looking at a couple of pixels.
Hell you were jumping your way through Mario World, sidescrolling in Ganbare Goemon or playing insanely long RPG's.
Why do you feel entitled to lifelike graphics? Does the gameplay not satisfy you anymore?
Do graphics really matter if you're into a game?
I don't think there's much ways to prove yourself to be a real gamer...
But if you hate on games because they're on the Wii, or of an older generation or such, you need to shut up and keep your opinion to yourself.
Just because you dislike the graphic quality/style/whatever does NOT make it a bad game.
Maybe for you it does, but seriously, we spend years playing previous generations and now it suddenly hurts your eyes? Boo,fucking, hoo.
Go make a topic about it, go hate on me.
I'll be playing on my gamecube meanwhile, you know, doing what a gamer should do.