Games I still need to play/beat

I need to play and/or beat a lot of games. This is how I'm keeping track.

Also holy moly apparently I looooove RPGs. What other genres are there again?

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Elder Scrolls Arena is free. It actually has some refreshing features, even though it's a bit predictable and doesn't have quite enough variety as the new ones.

Posted by Tanikaze
@ahoodedfigure: Yeah I've played it a little bit when Bethesda first put it out for free on their site. I don't really expect anything on the scale of Morrowind or even Daggerfall(to me, Morrowind is the crown jewel of the series) but it fits in with the kinds of games I've been craving lately and it'll also hype me up for Skyrim.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Agreed on Morrowind, as far as I've been able to experience, at least. You might be interested to know that the scale of Arena, in terms of land covered, is the biggest of all the Elder Scrolls games, but that also means a lot less detail, to the point where things feel a bit too carbon-copied. But I like both Daggerfall and Arena's freewheeling, setting up an adventuring business sort of feel, where you localize and get to know a place well. Also, Arena has the passwall spell...