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/dangan-ronpa-kibou-no-gakuen-to-zetsubou-no-koukousei/61-33341/ (Dangan-Ronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei)

I want to add both "Dangan Ronpa" (without a hyphen) and "Danganronpa" as aliases.

The game has no official English title, and various publications (including from the development studio itself) spell it in all three different ways. The small western fandom community that formed around the title lately seems to have settled on the two words without a hyphen version, and unfortunately the game is unfindable on GB when searching the title spelled that way.

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Last week I spent a day at Tokyo Disneyland, the first time I've been to a Disney park in a while. Like some of the other Disney parks, they're taking advantage of Michael Jackson's death to revive the Captain EO attraction, and so I stood in a 50 minute line to watch horrible, horrible '80s dialogue and music in 3D. I've never seen EO before - my first time at a Disney park was a long time ago, back in '96. I was on a family trip to the US, my first time in the country at the already ancient age of 18, but Michael Jackson already moved to make room for Rick Moranis in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3D attraction. That was also the first time I've seen a 3D movie, and I remember being very, very impressed. 
And now, 15 years later, mere days after experiencing the best in '80s 3D technology, I now hold a little glasses-free 3D screen in my hands. And it looks just as good. I got up early this morning, picked up my preorder documents and headed to the local Bic Camera. I got there before opening time but they already had a stand outside for picking up the console, so I had one in my hands 5 minutes later. No lines here - it seems like they didn't have any machines to sell to anyone who didn't ordered ahead a month ago at all. 
So -- since this is the first time in my life that I had the chance to buy cool new technology on launch day, I thought I'd do what all the cool kids do and shoot an unboxing video. It's extremely unprofessional, and I apologize profoundly for my bad English accent. But that's what I have, and I've come to terms with it. I'll probably write up detailed impressions after I played with it for a few hours. For now, enjoy this video... 

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Also, sigh, I should really reread the title of the thread before I click post to avoid embarrassing typos. 

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If you imported the game, you might have noticed a piece of paper under the instruction booklet with a serial number on it. This is for a web questionnaire that, when completed, lets you download an exclusive Catherine wallpaper image for your computer. Here's what you do: 
1. Go to http://ans.atlus.co.jp 
2. Fill in two codes: in the first line of boxes, fill in the 9 letter code found on the piece of paper in your box. In the second line, fill in the JAN barcode number from the back of the game box. 
3. Fill in the questionnaire. It's long. The first question is last and first name, and it may require inputting Japanese characters to be accepted, so make sure your system is set up to do that. The rest are checkboxes and radio buttons, so you can just click randomly (or I can attempt a translation if people want to be helpful and give Atlus real information). The last, free text question is optional, so just ignore it.
4. Click the next button at the bottom, and on the confirmation screen click the button to the right. 
5. Download the wallpaper. 
Hope this is helpful to someone!

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If I had to guess based on the vague description, I'd say your actual first game might very possibly be Zillion. It fits the time-frame. 

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@Gaff: Sorry, I failed to see your question before... Yeah, as mutha3 says, this is a futon. Kind of necessary when living in an apartment the size a budget allowance can afford in Japan.
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@Salbert: The fact that I got a package from amazon.co.jp on release day (in the morning, no less) kind of implies I live in Japan, doesn't it? 
@FritzDude: My Japanese is not perfect, but it's certainly good enough to play without a dictionary.
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Dependable Amazon, arriving at my door a good hour before most of the shops open. 
...unfortunately, I won't be able to actually play the thing for another month or so. No access to a PS3 (or a 360, for that matter) until then. Oh well, there's the soundtrack to listen to, the art book to read and the instruction booklet to drool over. 

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If nothing else, there's a short discussion at the end of the podcast about Vincent's appearance in P3P. Hashino says it's a "Vincent lookalike" and not Vincent himself, that there's no connection between the settings of Catherine and Persona, and that they put him in there as a cameo because it's the same development team. He asked Soejima to draw a "fake Vincent", and Soejima (who is also on the podcast) comments that he "added a mole". 
(At that point I paused the podcast and googled for a screenshot)

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@ChrisTaran said:
" Just to be a little clearer on the  "Romantic adventure and simulation games," I believe they're referring to Visual Novels like ' Clannad' or ' Shuffle!.' Among other things, I'm sure. "
Those are the adventure games. The simulations refer to games like Love Plus or Tokimeki Memorial which are less about a story and more about raising a bunch of stats to make the girls like you.
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