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he should have accepted valves offer. this is gross

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if it was about his sanity he should have been working on minecraft. he should not have abandoned it.

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yeah its pretty disgusting and i dealt with this all the way through my time with xbox live. im glad i have no reason to ever buy another one of their systems.

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There's just nothing on the horizon in terms of really big next-gen(current-gen?)-only titles, save for Assassin's Creed Unity and Arkham Knight, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot worth getting stuck into at the minute either.

I think part of the reason Dark Souls had such a huge resurgence was because of the collective need to find something else to play, and it seemed Dark Souls was on the communal backburner for everyone.

Now that that's done though, and Dark Souls II as well, what is there to talk about and dissect? We had this crazy year last year for boundary-pushers like Gone Home, Last of Us and Paper's Please, hell even The Novelist did its best, but where are all the big discussions now?

I don't know, for a living I write for an entertainment site, and each day we're writing increasingly nostalgic pieces to maintain our numbers because it just doesn't feel like there's a whole lot worth talking about right now.

What do you guys think?

the real version of dark souls 2 hasnt even released yet what are you TALKING about

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all the people who goofed up and didnt wait for the correct version of the game to release (PC version, april 25th, get real)

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@oginam said:

I've tried a couple times to write what I think about this and I just can't. What the fuck Kojima?

Kind of wish the ESRB would start giving out AO ratings for stuff like torture and rape.


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trolls want to receive negative attention, and hipsters want to give negative attention

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praise obabo i do as his will comands

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dark souls 2 official release date April 25th! get stokked!!!!