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Both are really good. Roku is the least expensive, so I would recommend it.

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@Zenthere: Thanks for the support! There's going to be a lot of new content coming out for subscribers. Unfortunately banning haters who bust your chops for no reason isn't going to be one of them. ;-)

Seriously, thanks for your support. It's what keeps us in business.

- MT

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@YoungFrey: We absolutely do care about it, and think about it a lot. Can you list some specific improvements that you see need addressing?

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I love this post. As the business guy there, I can only tell you how much they really do care- and how much effort they put into the content. They really do take on the responsibility of earning your money and time- and making sure you don't waste your money on bad games. Anyway, thank you for recognizing that. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Posting a picture for Dave!

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@Wunder_: To be honest, I have no idea. If you joined before 9/13, I can guarantee it is in route. 
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@jakob187: I'm particuri@jakob187 said:
" @tatum: Not NEARLY enough tools behind you, sir...unless there's more to your left in that picture.  Should be getting a membership in the next two weeks.  So fucking psyched for some Happy Hour! "
Ha! I'm prepping for the new Whiskey site "Toolfuckingtime.com". Glad you're getting your membership. The Happy Hour Show is well worth your hard earned cash.
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@Baillie: My guess is they will start arriving early this week. West coast to UK by USPS should be about 10 days.
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 Came in the mail yesterday. Bought my membership on the 13th, so all the people who bought a membership prior to the 13th should have shirts in the mail. 

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It would be awesome if everyone could post a picture of themselves in their member shirts here. I'm waiting for mine as well, and hoping it will show up today! If it doesn't, we'll start giving Dan a hard time. ;-)