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More of a feature request I guess, but if I move the mouse down to the video player to pause, or continue, only to have the main nav instantly pop-up on hover leading to me clicking away to another page one more time, I'll actually, literally explode.

All it'll take is a short, almost imperceptible delay, say 300-500ms, between the hover event and the menu popping over to catch 90% of these actions and most people won't notice the difference.

Thanks :)

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These already skilled, talented people, who apparently (I don't know them at all) will fit in quickly and well, became available when GB was hiring. Whatever checklists and quotas you may want the hiring process, it would have been madness not to take the opportunity, versus untested recruits for the sake of an oversimplified, internet forum definition of "diversity". Why not just view this as shoring up the ship? Even if you're concerned about similarities to current team members, an actually believe they won't have their own things to offer, it just means GB can produce more of the content it has been, with familiar personalities giving the space Jeff's wanted to do more "crazy stuff", whatever that might be.

Also is the hiring process ever really over? Now these obvious and successfully opportunistic hires are done, maybe they can look for people with more of a varied set of backgrounds and viewpoints, if they feel the need. For me, it's about games and making me laugh and as long as one or the other, or often both of those things are taken care of it doesn't bother me at all.

I wish them both the best of luck and look forward to seeing where the site goes.

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I only worry in the sense that this team are funny, present their content in an honest, no bullshit way, not through the filter of a polished, professional hosting voice used by the majority of games content producers out there. And with a consistent humor which is irreverent but still respectful of the medium. There is nowhere else with that kind of voice and I think it's genuinely valuable. At least to me.

I will miss it when it goes. Hopefully at that time someone else will take over this kind of role. I'm yet to hear an amateur or semi-pro YouTuber/Twitcher with the chops that come from producing this kind of content for so long, though obviously there are some eg. the biscuit guy, who are popular enough that some clearly think otherwise. In the meantime I'd rather they stuck around and grew for a while, see what comes of it. I like to think the reason it's taking so long is partly due to Jeff knowing exactly the kind of personality the site needs and such a person being a rare find.

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@rorie: As someone who replaced the Bombcast feed with the Premium Feed in iTunes when that podcast was added to the premium roster recently, I'm obviously in the camp that thinks there should be a copy of the podcast in that feed whether there are ads or not, so I don't have to download two copies of the podcast each week there are ads and check two feeds just in case. Thanks :)

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@gkhan: Thanks. Damn, I usually read them religiously... you miss one...

Best of luck, dude!

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Just out of curiosity, because I managed to miss it, where was this first mentioned/announced/hinted?

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@Kevin_Cogneto: Well I was going to ask if you wanted to join me, Man 1 and Man 2 for a drink at Local Bar, but clearly you're above that.

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I'd play this, having loved the Endurance Run, but I'm not sure it'd be as much fun to play as to watch Vinny and Jeff hate their way through it...

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Pretty sure I didn't have this problem earlier today when trying to watch back the Big Live Live Show stuff and skipping ahead easily, but it's happening for me too now. So, I guess something has been changed in the last few hours.