Blog Number 3.. E3 2010 Press Conferences

Well i thought I would post my thoughts on E3 2010 press conferences. 


- Didn't think they had that strong of a conference, i'm still not sold on Kinect as it's now called mainly because they haven't proven that it's for core gaming and able to be used in established franchises like Gears of war or anything out side of mini game collections,  any game that requires movement ie not being on rails kinect has yet to show how it handles this so what will it do with FPS's, 3rd person shooters, adventure games where being able to  move anywhere is key  also how do you fire weapons etc ?  even with driving games like forza it was limited to just steering, no acceleration or breaking, where is the fun in that.  
The voice Recognition stuff for the dash & controlling video playback  etc is a neat feature but again i'm not convinced it works as they showed in the press conference, I have used this type of stuff on PC and in cars and at the best of times it's slow to respond and very trial & error to get it setup and to have even basic tasks work as they should, it seemed far to smooth and fast responding to be real time i may be wrong i haven't seen it working first hand, it's just my expereince of using this tech that leads me to beleive it's not as it seems,  Also they didn't give any pricing for Kinect which leads me to beleive it's not going to be that cheap certainly not under the $100 / £100 price point other wise Microsoft would have made a big song and dance about that.   
The New Xbox 360 Slim or just Xbox 360 as they are calling it was shown, It has the shiny black finish that the old PS3's had as well as the touch sensitve buttons and is quieter with built in Wi-Fi and 250GB HDD drive and built in power for KInect,  IT looks like a beat up PC tower case not sure why they have odd shapes for thier casing.  
As for giving away the new Xbox 360's for free to the crowd  i felt that was a liitle low and a desperate plee to have the press and attendees like what they had to offer as if they were not that convinced of it all.  


- They had a better conference than Microsoft but not by much at least for me, I didn't like their smugness i felt they could have just said they are doing well and hoped to continue that trend,  As for the games  Donkey kong country, KIrby, golden eye these are not games i would be interested in wanting to go bak and play again although i do like the art style that Kirby showed,  Epic Mickey looks pretty neat again it has a nice art style to it, but it was the 3DS that I was more interested in, It looks pretty good, but will have to take the word of Nintendo and reports from the likes of the GB crew on how the 3d is and going to be, it definitely looks more powerful than the current range of DS's maybe even equal to the PSP hard to say really as they never gave any specs out for it most certainly keeps my interest.   



- I felt this was the better of the three conferences mainly because Move shows that it offers more than mini game collections although no doubt they will have those but the fact it works with core games and established franchises makes it so far in my opinion one step ahead of Kinect and the Wii,  sure kinect on paper has the better tech but as stated above they have yet to show it out side of mini game style collections or fitness / dance games.   
Sony had a big showing on their 3D side of things which while i think it's a neat feature to have it's the fact that not only do you need 3D glasses but a 3D TV to go with them as well and currently the prices for these are not cheap at all, I only got a new 42" 1080p TV last year so it will be sometime before i get a new TV never mind a 3D one so i wont be seeing any games in 3D anytime soon.  
PSN+ was announced costing what has been confirmed to be £40 PA for us in the UK, I have to say i'm not that interested at the moment there isn't much they are offering that i'm interest in to justify the price, current PSN does me well enough, will wait and see what they add further down the line.  
On to the games in which it mainly featured games that will be in 3D in which they showed of KIllzone of course not being able to see the 3D effect it's hard to know how it look in this regard, Informous 2 looks good although they only showed a very short trailer what they did show was interesting with the added Ice powers and what looks like big epic boss fights and what seems to be  a new looking & sounding Cole, They said a Sly copper collection is coming pretty much as they did for God of war, will pick this up i loved the sly games back on the PS2 and as i no longer have a PS2 to play them on so having HD versions on the PS3 will be great. 
They finally gave a date for GT5 be it only a U.S one but i would guess the UK release wouldn't be far off, will have to wait for Gamescon In Germany to see if they announce it then, it's looking really nice and typical GT.  
one shock was to see Gabe Newell appear on the stage someone who has giving the PS3 a kicking ever since it's release, not sure if it was Sony cash that made him eat his words but even if it was i don't care the fact that Valve themselves are now supporting PS3 instead of out soursing the game to other developers for their games as they did with the orange box  is great news, but not only that they are providing Steam works and cloud save support with Portal 2 being the first game to have this, will have to see what else down the line supports these features.   
EA announced that they will have some exclusive speical edditions on PS3  for some of their games, two of which were Medal of Honour and Dead Space 2, nice to see the PS3 get some exclusives for a change.  
Finally David Jaffe came to the stage to show off Twisted metal i enjoyed the twisted metal games back on the PS2 but that was then, not sure if I would enjoy that style of game now, it looked ok and has some nice ideas will have to wait to see how this turns out more before choosing whether or not to get this. 

Blog Number 2 .. Day Of The Quests !

Well here is blog number two a very long time in it's arrival, one of GB's quests was to do one so here it is, I have to say it is a great little addition to the site, I just got to level 4 and trying to go higher, currently trying to figure out the one about the british MMORPG dev who got killed in his own game.. not a big MMO fan so that has me stumped for the moment. any way that's it for now I may post more at a later date.  

Blog Number 1. E3 2008 Thoughts

Well a big HI to anyone reading this, Here's my first blog on G.B, it's great to see the site up and running and it's looking good so far, I'm hoping to post a blog as much as i can but time and lack of it in terms of work and other commitments etc. don't really allow me to post as much as i would like, So what should i say for the first one, well i though i would post about my thoughts on this years E3 seeing as it's still fresh in my mind,

Well i have to say it's not as great as it use to be, maybe this year is a slow one or something but i use to remember E3 being the one event where big news and shocks were to be found.  The only one this year i guess was the Final fantasy XIII being a mutliplatform release which while it may have shock the foundations it wasn't that big of a deal, well to me at least, had it gone exclusive to 360 that would have been a different matter. also i found it didn't have many new game announcments  it was mostly about stuff we already knew was coming, maybe i'm wrong but i'm sure E3 had far more new stuff announced in the old days, Maybe dvelopers / publishers prefer to have their own events to do this rather than wait for the likes of E3.. I dunno i use to love waiting for E3 to come around but now i'm not so excited as i use to be.