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Not Exactly a Golden Age 0

NOTE: This review was originally posted on my blog, Cartridge Campus.After a six-year hiatus and a changing of the guard, Age of Empires is back with a new look and a new focus. Gas Powered Games and Robot Entertainment have attempted to capture the the robust strategy and enthralling combat that their predecessors pioneered, while adding in new, online-specific additions. There's a lot to like in this gorgeous revival, but gigantic pay-walls and shoddy Player vs. Player content strive to ruin t...

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A "Trip" Worth Taking... for some 0

Shadows of the Damned isn’t an easy game to pin down. Sure, the gameplay itself doesn’t wildly deviate from Shinji Mikami’s previous titles, with the shooting aspect almost directly lifted from Resident Evil 4, and light puzzles strewn about. On the surface, it’s also a pretty traditional story. You (Garcia Hotspur) come home from a long day of demon hunting to catch Fleming, prime haunt of the underworld, stealing your girlfriend. You and your partner Johnson (a flaming skull on a stick) give c...

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A Completely Unique Masterpiece 1

Make no mistake; LA Noire is an adventure game, through and through. Even though you're running around the classic open-world environments Rockstar is known for, participating in car chases and gun fights, most of that is mere window dressing compared to searching for clues and interrogating suspects. The real meat of the game involves unraveling the sordid truth behind a murder, behind a suspect, and eventually, behind an entire city. If you enjoy a good detective story, filled with all the cla...

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So Close, Yet So Far 0

The first Witcher was something of a flawed gem. Developed by the small Polish studio CD Projeckt RED, it followed the exploits of one Geralt of Rivia, a famed Witcher who starts the game suffering from amnesia. While the translation was spotty, the character models were overused and certain sections of the game were hard to play through, there was something about it that grabbed the attention of almost everyone who played it. The developers continued to tweak the game, with massive overhauls th...

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The Fighter That Hooked Me 1

I have a confession to make; I did not play much Mortal Kombat before this game. I had a copy of Armageddon, but something about it just didn't grab me. In fact, that's something that can be said about my previous experience with fighting games: I understood the appeal a game like Street Fighter IV, but something about it just didn't grab me.Enter Mortal Kombat (or MK9, if you want to get technical about it). As someone who never connects with fighting games, I initially saw it on the release sc...

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One of the greatest adventure titles out there 0

Now, I know many Zork fans bash this game for its' decidedly dark tone, but if you can get over that fact, it's one hell of an adventure game! This is one of a few games ever made that handles Full Motion Video (what we call it when actors are filmed and on-screen inside the game) extremely well. There's absolutely no performance that's done ham-handedly.The story, enviornments, puzzles (frustrating yet brilliant at the same time), and music are all perfectly crafted. It's harder to get much bet...

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Great game, but go for console 0

This is one hell of a game! Though easy and somewhat short, playing as the new Prince feels great, and there's a sort of amazing fluidity as you travel from zone to zone, defeating the dark forces that have taken control of the land. Note that I used a wireless 360 controller when playing, so keyboard and mouse users may have a different experience.My one gigantic complaint with the game (big enough for me to knock the score down by two stars) is the fact that Ubisoft has the ability to bring th...

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Takes Geometry Wars to a whole new level 0

PROS:Tweaks the original in a number of ways to add to the experience6 modes in total, and all are a blast to playDeadline is a good mode for those who just can't seem to keep from dyingMULTIPLAYER!CONS:Multiplayer isn't onlineSNAKES!...

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