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It's easier to be a lot more aggressive in Bloodborne considering every hit you take you can counter attack to regain 75% back. You roll faster, have 20 potions, and the gun can be extremely cheap if leveled right. You definitely need to pay attention more in DS and concentrate. Once you get about say 1/4th through Bloodborne you can pretty much muscle every boss. Especially once you get Ludwig

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@humanity: Ironically the trick to easily killing most enemies and bosses is to not use the lock on at all. You'll in general move much faster running or walking to the left instead of strafing with a lock on. Also it allows you to get into some "pocket" spots from rolling without lock on. This game is going to have one of those slow spirals where everyone is hot on it for the first month or two, then no one is even going to be talking about it. I missed the entire DSII hate when that game came out, but I played the hell out of it. Why was it so bad? It was basically just DS1 with more in it right? I typically don't even frequent forums on a series I love, but I had to with Bloodborne. I felt as though FROM dropped the ball hard and it's getting a free pass because of its fantastic visuals, combat, and because the Souls series is now finally becoming popular enough for major websites to give it a look. Everything is about $$$

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It can get repetitive, but the alternative is the typical ice, fire, earth, poison, castle levels that they pretty much beat to death in the other games.

The art is still top notch though, and they do through in some variations on levels such as the Nightmare Frontier.

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@zeik: that's all I care about. I Love MH, but honestly I just get tired of holding a handheld for hours. The Wii U version was good, but that controller was gigantic, and the online isnt great. I will gladly take a semi MH on a system that I want to play on with a comfortable controller.

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Is this basically Monster Hunter for PS4?!?!

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Ludwig sword. Makes the game rather simple. Quick sword easily stun locks most enemies, and the 2 handed version transformation stun locks bigger enemies.

R1 attack on both forms does horizontal slash so very good for groups considering how wide the arc is. R2 with the big sword has massive distance, and most enemies will just walk right into it and also has a second R2 follow up attack that does as much as the charge R2 attack. The R2 attack will almost guarantee stun, even on bosses you land an extremely powerful long distance 2 hit combo with little consequences.

Also if you dash to the left or right away from the enemy and R1 attack with either form you will literally dash back towards the enemy with a follow up counter attack slash before the enemy can react.

What else, oh I think it has the highest damage in the game. I had it at +10 and nothing seemed to match it. And since it isn't enchanted you can put fire paper or whatever on it and get it higher. Ludwig is beyond good.

Edit: I forgot to add the Forward+R2 move with 2nd form allows you to literally jump at your enemy bashing them into the ground, letting you get in follow up attacks if they even survive that.

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@zevvion: I'm not in any way taking away from the importance of combat, I am making a point that BB and DS combat functions in a certain way that has been working for all the games. It's simplicity is what makes it deep because instead of learning how to fight with 20 different stupid combos, you focus on attacking dodging, and most importantly preparation before a fight. Leaving your brain to focus on what is important which is learning patterns and developing a build that can conquer your foe.

Which adds to my initial point that making BB have more of a focus on it's combat and less on it's content is overall a foolish idea because everything else does not lend itself needing "complex or better combat." considering you can beat everything in the game without changing items or armor throughout the entire game using just R1.

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@japanesebuffalo: If they did control like Skyrim it wouldn't matter anyways. The combat is dictated by the enemies patterns so you can beat an enemy. All you need is attack and dodge in BB and DS, because that's what keeps you alive when fighting. In Ninja gaiden and DMC, there might be a new enemy that requires you to use a new move or weapon, then another new move, then another. Eventually it becomes dynamic enough to where you are fighting something and utilizing everything you have besides just attack and roll. Another good example is Zelda, as you acquire new skills and items in order to defeat enemies which would otherwise be impossible to beat.

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@project343: You pretty much summed up how I feel. The game lost it's charm and went in a confusing direction. Yes it's a fantastic game by itself, but as a fan who's beaten the previous games over 10 times each I am left at the end of BB with everything done and no motivation to crave more.

I remember in the previous games seeing an item in an odd location and get excited to figure out how to get it. Maybe a new sword, item, or hell maybe even an ENTIRE armor set. I find myself almost skipping picking up items in BB because I don't need another useless item in my inventory. My starting weapon and armor seems to be working well enough, and i'm confused why I even have an arcane or bloodtinge stat.

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@japanesebuffalo: So I guess all that improved combat mattered when fighting the spider Rom, Micolash, Witch of Hemwick, and any of the other beast-like bosses where you just dodge and attack. Those first 3 barely even attack you in a traditional sense. I'll admit sure the combat is better to a degree, but it boils down to the same combat as the other games. Whether you are using the saw, spear, axe, or anything else you find an opening after they attack then dodge again. The first and last boss are the only ones worth parrying to my knowledge, and if you raised bloodtinge you can just shoot most of them to death. Especially once you acquire Evelyn. Get the Ludwig's holy blade, set it to great sword and just hold R2. The enemies will just walk right into your attack over and over. They didn't improve anything, it's just faster. The enemies will just bum rush you like always, and you find ways to either attack before they do, or dodge and counter attack. As I said before these games were never combat focused, otherwise we'd be playing DMC or Ninja Gaiden if it mattered so much. BB and DS bosses and enemies were challenging because in general your character sucked. He can't move well, might've been slow, no defense, did little damage, but you still defeated the boss by learning.