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Well, once again I am a sucker. PC is just going to get my money this gen.

Steam for president.

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Definitely took me awhile to get the hang of Monster Hunter. Then at one point you have this revelation where everything clicks, item management becomes important, everything you collect has a purpose, being prepared beforehand matters, studying a monsters pattern is crucial, and knowing your limits.

Then when your standing victorious over your enemy you prepared for and studied to defeat, and carve that very RARE item you needed the last set piece for your armor you're addicted.

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but i'm hungry

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I used to play.  Wasn't bad or good.  Could deny creeps, last hit, setup sentries, and go a full game with like 3 kills 3 deaths.   
Didn't matter though people always used to complain about something.  Eventually just got sick of spending hours of my time in a losing battle that people refuse to surrender.  Towards the end it got so bad the other team wouldn't even let us lose and just toyed with us until the creeps won for them. 
its a pity Dota is such a great idea and well made game.

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had a nes, snes, n64, genesis, saturn, dreamcast, ps2, gamecube, wii, xbox360, and ps3 at one point. Realized I barely played any of it.

Sold everything but the ps3, and just use my gaming PC with a frontend and a ton of emulators on the TV with a SNES controller and a Ps2 controller.

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I thought it was dumb when I first played it..... then I played it for the entire Thanksgiving break haha. It's pretty addicting. There's nothing better than flying with 4 full transports, getting through their air defense with the support of your escort planes, landing on a base, and taking it in a gigantic firefight.

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Depends on the system. Everything holds up well, even sometimes better than I remembered except for Ps1 games, excluding the RPGS of course.

Actually played though Onimusha 1 last weekend, beat it in 4 hours. Was a ton of fun. Its nice playing older games sometimes because it's without all the hand holding, multiplayer, online leaderboard nonsense, and DLC content they stuff down your throat when your playing newer games.

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@Keavy_Rain: This is what I did if your not against emus

Pentium 4 PC VGA to TV. or a PC with HDMI so the sound and video come out at once.

genesis, Snes, nes emulators with a ton of games.

Maximus arcade Front end

2 Official SNES controllers with a SNES to USB adapter

Pretty much the best thing ever.

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Just play the game a lot. Probably on easy. There's a lot of utter BS situations in Normal you'll run into that will just kill you instantly, or if you survive them your not making it much further. I know the game is supposed to be hard, but when the reasons why you lose are based on luck it sucks all the fun out of the game.

Meh was only 9 bucks

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Good idea, but it will probably be more widely accepted next gen. Then again, I'll probably be playing 100% PC games by then.