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Pass Ubisoft

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I haven't cared about games in awhile, but when I saw this I literally said "yes" out loud.

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@devise22: I feel like the problem is that Destiny does many things that other games do, but just not as well. Your comparisons seem confusing. Why would I compare Destiny's story to Terraria, Minecraft, Cod, or Battlefield. I play Terraria and Minecraft because I know it will give me a endless experience of building whatever I want. I play Cod and Battlefield for the Multiplayer. People buy certain games with expectations of what they will be based on marketing, early beta impressions (in this games case), and the company's prior game library.

I don't think it's far fetched to say that people expected a story as good as, or at least close to Halo. Multiplayer similar to or as good as Halo. I understand they are trying to make a completely different IP and that's fine, but damn this game feels like it is trying to be Halo. It's Sci-Fi, the Hive sounds like the flood, and the robot bad guys sound like the Convent in the story. The movement feels the same, and the combat. The enemies have religious undertones.

The loot system feels pointless, and not even by comparison to Diablo or Borderlands. Not getting enough loot isn't an issue, since in Diablo and Borderlands you'd get so much loot that 90% of it was garbage. It just seems like they didn't even need to put in the loot system to begin with, or leveling for that matter. The exploration system is nothing like Skyrim. Yes people will grind away in MMOs, but with thousands of other players, which seemingly endless things to do. I know some would argue that the story in some MMOS are insanely fleshed out and detailed. You could read for days just playing World of Warcraft or The Old Republic. Which really immerses you in the world.

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@somejerk: Good tips. I completely forgot about the showing up on radar if you are moving stuff. It's been awhile since I've played halo.

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Does anyone know of a link for competitive multiplayer tips? Or even maybe a recommended level to start at. I'm currently level 6, and I just seem to get one shotted, or killed pretty much immediately. Other players from what it looks like have shields? I know this game wasn't designed with competitive multiplayer at its core, so instead of getting upset I should just play a match or two and go back to co-op.

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@mortuss_zero: Yes my friend who referred me does play a part in this. I made a pros and cons list and David Yurman came out on top by 1 point. And as "I_Stay_Putt" said at that point it's almost like flipping a coin. Working with my old boss/friend again would be nice. I wouldn't have to completely start a lot of new relationships from scratch. Which in the end would make working there feel easier.

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Thanks Silver Streak. You are right I need to take the emotional part out of it and focus on what I know. Both companies might be great, or also might be bad. So there is no point in worrying about it.

I think I will make a pros and cons list of each company of what I know to be fact and see where I stand on what I would rather prefer.

Rather then get bogged down in how I will feel at each company since that is rather impossible to tell until I work there.

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I'm posting here because I know the community is supportive and I really didn't know who else to talk to.

I lost my job a few weeks ago and I am on 2nd round interviews for 2 companies that seem great. One was recommended by my recruiter "Commvault Systems," and the other one was a referral from a old boss/friend who works at David Yurman. Both pay about the same, and both are 45 minutes from me.

My recruiter says Commvault is a great place to work, blah blah she's a recruiter so she's selling. Its a position for a Tier II, Tier III customer and employee support for their product which is backup software.

The David Yurman one is a IT Systems Analyst position, which also involves customer and employee support, and probably administration support like active directory and what not.

I made the huge mistake of looking up reviews online of both companies which of course were very negative. Which I more or less expected since people who hate their jobs will complain online to vent, but ones that love their job probably don't need to let anyone know on the internet.

But now I feel like whatever decision I make will be wrong, and I'm spiraling into feeling like my future at either company will just suck and be miserable.

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Well, once again I am a sucker. PC is just going to get my money this gen.

Steam for president.