E3: My Game of show:

After watching the coverage of E3 and hearing about all the great games instore for 2008 its kind of hard to decide which game looked the most awesome and got me most excited.Great games such as farcry 2 looked really good with awesome graphics and the buddy system looked like a neat idea along with the gorgeous vistas and fire mechanics.... but it didnt give me that wow feeling, although i was very impressed with the game it didnt do it for me.Many of the games at E3 didnt  give me that wow feeling even though they are great games in there own right.Gears 2 seemed very much the same with a few neat additions nothing seemed drastically overhauled to make the expierence even more engrossing than the first, but in its own right still looked very awesome. A few quirky games such as postal 3 stood out for a unique approach with a lot of slapstick humour. Nintendo did very little to impress me as quite frankly i think its time they stopped making so many wii sports, zelda and mario games and create some new I.P's instead of relying on the same franchises for almost 2 decades, seriously how many times can u swing a remote or save a princess and still make it feel new? Ps3 did quite well with Little Big Planet looking like a very interesting game with great gameplay mechanics which could a extremely fun game with a great amount of replayabilty, which in my opinion is very important as games these days take 5 hours and your pretty much done with it. Prince Of Persia looked another solid title with a very interesting art style which i liked the look of. I guess in wrapping up my first blog the best game for me at E3 would have to be........... fable 2. Yes even with Peter molyenux probably spinning out a few porky pies it still looked like a really engrossing game with some novel ideas such as the co-op, family, dog and the whole perception that society will have of you as a result of your deeds. I was a big fan of the first but was left slightly disappointed as many of the features that were promised never really worked that greatly, my biggest fear with fable is that it will merely be a button mashing R.P.G game when i feel it could be much deeper. In concluding, i think 2008 will be a great year for all consoles with many AAA titles such as G.O.W2 ,FABLE 2 , Little Big Planet etc. (Hope blog was ok my 1st ever !! )