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ps4: TheLark587

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@sammo21: Fantastic! So i can play them online too :)

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Hey Duders, just a question if i may. I live in Malaysia, but i have a UK PS4. I have been buying my PS4 games directly from the UKPSN Store since i got here. However, it works out so much cheaper to buy the games with my Malaysian account i've just setup today on my ps4. However, i do not have psplus for that account. In essence, is there a way to buy the game for my Malaysian account and have access to it on my UK account?


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Hello Duders,

Bit of a strange question. I recently moved to Asia and brought my PS4 with me. I have setup a new bank account in Malaysia and i am trying to purchase games on the PSN Store using my Asian bank/debit card. As my PSN account is from the UK is there a way in which i can do this? Thank you for your help :)

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@beefygrandmole: It's hard work here mate, i know the feeling. I just completed my teaching cert so it's my first job! It's gonna be hard not knowing anyone and being away from friends and family but the experience shall hopefully be worth it! Now i just gotta make sure i can keep gaming over there!

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@alexw00d: Yeah, bit i am flying to Birmingham, then on to Dubai. Then from Dubai to KL! Do i contact the airport, or the company i'm flying with?

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@mikey87144: Yeah i was wondering about that especially as i can't turn on the ps4 as the guidelines state. i am flying with emirates next thursday so i'll get on the phone to them!

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Hey Duders, so i am about to emigrate from Ireland to Malaysia for a job teaching out there! I am just curious whether or not i am able to take my ps4 as a carry-on through security or would it be better to put it into my suitcase! If any of you have travelled with your consoles on long distances any info would be great! Also, as my account is european account when i connect to the internet will i still have access to the psn store as i was in ireland as my account/details are on that region!

Cheers !