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@beefygrandmole: It's hard work here mate, i know the feeling. I just completed my teaching cert so it's my first job! It's gonna be hard not knowing anyone and being away from friends and family but the experience shall hopefully be worth it! Now i just gotta make sure i can keep gaming over there!

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@alexw00d: Yeah, bit i am flying to Birmingham, then on to Dubai. Then from Dubai to KL! Do i contact the airport, or the company i'm flying with?

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@mikey87144: Yeah i was wondering about that especially as i can't turn on the ps4 as the guidelines state. i am flying with emirates next thursday so i'll get on the phone to them!

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Hey Duders, so i am about to emigrate from Ireland to Malaysia for a job teaching out there! I am just curious whether or not i am able to take my ps4 as a carry-on through security or would it be better to put it into my suitcase! If any of you have travelled with your consoles on long distances any info would be great! Also, as my account is european account when i connect to the internet will i still have access to the psn store as i was in ireland as my account/details are on that region!

Cheers !

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I'm Irish. Called McCullough.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

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I went and grabbed it. I am liking the stand up but as said the ground game is shite to put it politely. The really frustrating part is when you feel you are doing the correct motion with the analog stick and its just not transitioning well. I am enjoying it though i just try to play it like fight night with kicks!

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You can add me Thelark587