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@theblue Eeeehhh, it's probably not legit. I got it (and a couple more) from a friend who I think was at least using save backups to duplicate stuff. I do have a true-legit-got-it-from-Gamestop-myself Shaymin I can hook you up with if your other trading doesn't work out. No worries! Good luck in your search!

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@theblue I can hook you up with a Manaphy for one of those Feebas if you want. I can't help you on the megastone front, unfortunately.

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@johnjovig I can hook you up with some Pokerus. My code is 5215 0485 1254, trainer name Beetle. I've added you, so just let me know when a good time to jump online is.

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It's broadcasting on

This is the first time I've tried following anything like this. I'm definitely picking up a lot of competitive battling techniques I never would have thought of. How do some of these guys get these crazy strong teams with mostly shinies though!!!??? That's either some crazy luck or a ton of breeding. Probably both.

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Aw man! That would have come in handy last week when I was transferring Abras over from my copy of White for breeding! :)

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@theblue Sweet. You forgot to leave your code though! I'll add you as soon as you do.

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I added all of you guys from the past two weeks. Here's my info:


5215 0485 1254

Trainer Name: Beetle

Safari Type: Fairy (or so I'm told)

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Queens, NY, USA

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"On Xbox One, active Gold membership required to play free games you've downloaded"

So, is the PS Plus format only applying to Xbox One games, while 360 remains as it has been?

I actually preferred owning the games, even if the selection wasn't great. It always bugged me anytime someone would bring up PS+ as an unfavorable comparison. They weren't the same thing. With PS+, it was a service you were paying for, not free product. For me, GWG was a nice bonus on a service I was already subscribed to. And the fact that I could let Gold lapse, as I periodically do, and be able to play these games whenever has much more appeal to me than a Netflix type buffet of games I would probably never ever get to.

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I think there's ways to fix that yellowing SNES plastic if you're really into having a clean model. I've never done this myself, but there are tutorials out there on youtube using hydrogen peroxide compounds -