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WWE '13?? What year is it? Who's the president? Do I have a great bushy beard??

Inspired by the PAX Royal Rumble, I dusted off my copy of WWE '13 and updated the Giant Bomb roster! (I never got into '14 enough to recreate everybody). If you're still playing this relic, you can now download:

Alex, with updated "Great Sasuke" Rumble costume!

New Challenger, Dan Ryckert, with an approximation of his Rumble gear...

Dr. Tracksuit, in both Normal and RUN GFB tracksuits!

And the rest of the RUN GFB crew, Dave Lang and John Drake!

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@jrock3x8: Sweet! The game you already have is the cheapest game of all!

I hope it works out for you. If you have a headset, you can actually say things to the characters, like compliment them or give them commands and stuff, so maybe that's something your wife can do while you handle all the shooting.

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How about Binary Domain? It fits almost all of your requirements. The story is VERY linear, but there are some different ways it can end up depending on how you talk to your partners. It's a third person shooter, so the gameplay is relatively simple. However, all you fight are robots, so not much blood. It's a bit campy. Most of it is a pretty straight sci-fi story, but then you have a robot with a French accent. All that and it looks like it runs for $14 on amazon right now, and I'm sure that's not the cheapest place to get it.

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@xshadefatex I'm pretty active as I try to get my battling team together. Add me (5215 0485 1254, trainer name Beetle) and if you see me online request a trade!

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@theblue Sure. Just let me know when you're ready to trade.

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@theblue Eeeehhh, it's probably not legit. I got it (and a couple more) from a friend who I think was at least using save backups to duplicate stuff. I do have a true-legit-got-it-from-Gamestop-myself Shaymin I can hook you up with if your other trading doesn't work out. No worries! Good luck in your search!

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@theblue I can hook you up with a Manaphy for one of those Feebas if you want. I can't help you on the megastone front, unfortunately.

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@johnjovig I can hook you up with some Pokerus. My code is 5215 0485 1254, trainer name Beetle. I've added you, so just let me know when a good time to jump online is.

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It's broadcasting on

This is the first time I've tried following anything like this. I'm definitely picking up a lot of competitive battling techniques I never would have thought of. How do some of these guys get these crazy strong teams with mostly shinies though!!!??? That's either some crazy luck or a ton of breeding. Probably both.

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Aw man! That would have come in handy last week when I was transferring Abras over from my copy of White for breeding! :)