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Thanks, I hadn't even thought of Reddit, though I guess I should have.

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Hey all,

This is REALLY OT, but I figured this community might know something about it.

I do a podcast audio-drama (don't worry, not going to post a link to it here). I have a theme song, but I want a remixed version of it for a Christmas episode. The original composer might not be available, so I might have to look elsewhere. But unfortunately, my googling of the topic hasn't brought much up.

Since the theme of the Giant Bombcast has been remixed so many times, I was curious if anyone knew who did that, or if anyone else in the community did similar things. My budget is rather tight, so I know that will limit my options. But any thoughts people have would be really sincerely appreciated.

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I haven't seen the staff post in a while, I think we're alone here except for @rorie moderating us now.

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@mrmazz: I agree entirely. Having the crew here talking like this I think is a good answer to anyone who has critizied what the original letter said. This is a more robust response as a whole.

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I guess I'm curious, for those who think that Jeff should have taken a harder line, what would that line look like?

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The whole discussion of the Pokemon tournament "situation" where the champion lost his title. They recorded it at Dave's house when they were between offices. I just listened to it again last week. Man that was a hilarious conversation.

A "handful of action" . . . brilliant.

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Just told my wife I'll be in my room getting all weepy while listening to the bombcast. Prayers ascending for Anna, Jeff, family and crew.

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@chaser324@clonedzero thanks! Discovered 2 things:

1. I had already seen the search, but because the "search" button was above many of the options and the "add to database" button was below many of the options, I misinterpreted those lower options only as fields used to add new records to the database.

2. The game I was looking for was Utopia.

Thanks again!

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Thanks. The game I'm looking for is a sci-fi either turn based or real time base building strategy game on either SNES or Genesis. It was a bit like Metal Marines in that you built base defenses, like rockets. I want to say it was isometric view. I believe, like Metal Marines, you fired on the enemy base on your turn, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I tried looking in the RTS list on the site, no dice.

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Hey all,

I'm looking for a particular game from either the Genesis or the SNES, and instead of just throwing it out to the forums, I was hoping to try to do a filtered search on the site of all Genesis games that were RTS or TBS, or all SNES games that meet the same criteria. But I'm not really having any luck with finding out what the proper way to do this is.

Is there a FAQ or something that I'm not finding?