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More Spidey, Less Spidey 0

When Spider-Man 2 came out for the original X-Box, I was so impressed by its communication of the kinesis particular to Peter Parker's Manhattan exploits, that I kept swinging long after I had completed all of the assigned objectives.Since then, the most interesting thing about Spider-Man games has been the ability of Treyarch and then Beenox to lose the plot in new and astonishing ways. From poor mechanics in Spider-Man 3 to the mind-boggling many-Spider-Mans of Shattered Dimensions and Edge of...

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A Worthwhile Little Gem 0

When I began playing ZorkQuest 1, I thought it was just going to be a bit of a curiosity, something that I had missed in my devouring of all of the Zork universe games in the late 90’s.   But as I started moving through the parallel stories, I realized what a great concept the Infocomics were.   The basic mechanic is to tell a story from one character’s perspective.   But there are moments throughout the game when you can change perspective and get the same story’s timeline from another charac...

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Baptism into Point and Click 0

Before I played Maniac Mansion, before I played Shadowgate, I played Nightshade.    I remember how this game made me feel as a kid, as if I were skittering along the edge of some great chasm of deep and (while tongue in cheek) riveting realities.  I remember how I longed for a sequel, wanted so badly to go on Nightshade's second adventure, but it never came.     The game focused on a new vigilante who took over for the old one (vortex I believe).  It started off with Nightshade in a deadly trap ...

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Going back, it's just as good 0

I find that going back to the first game in a series after I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with a modern iteration is rarely profitable.   I have a friend who is a huge fan of the first Silent Hill game who insisted that my love of Silent Hill 2 would wane once I had played the pre-pyramid head original.   He was wrong, and I was disappointed.   However, after a few first fumbling mouse clicks while trying to learn how to walk and interact with the world, I fell in love with the origi...

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