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I secretly have an iPhone and enjoy it oh god.

Also looking forward to the dynamics of a Rorie/Patrick QL.. the PC vet and the PC greenthumb.. learnin' & laughin'.

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We love you Rorie!!! Bring on the Rorie PC QLs!!!!!!!!

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Just want to take the time on my favourite puppy-related subforum here on GB and say holy shit I'm so glad Dave and the crew are bringing Rorie in.

Rorie - welcome back duder, we've missed you, and please keep hatin' on Macs. THEY AIN'T NO GAME MACHINES.

Looking forward to your QLs my man.

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Dave... I'm gonna miss the fuck out of you. Seriously. You had such a laconic style, but you know what - thank you for doing the best thing with your exit and giving us RORIE!!! As a PC man, I love both you and Rorie's PC love. Best of luck with the family Dave, and Rorie - welcome back we LOVE YOU!!

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Came here after watching UF, GIANT BOMB AGAIN DELIVERS.

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Dadcast was absolutely fascinating. I'm 26, no kids yet, no plans soon but was hanging on every word too. Vinny is the best, Jeff Green is always enterataining, Will wasn't trying too hard and Dave is awesome-Dave so i loved it. I've actually relistened to it about.. 5 or 6 times. It's crazy!
Can't wait for more.

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Another excellent article Alex, loving these in comparison to.. other news articles.

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Love your stuff Alex. NAVARRO > SCOOPY DOO

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I think Kotaku awarded Tiny Tina with a "best new character" award or something.

It was about that time that I decided to submerge Kotaku in a bath and hold it down until it chokes to death.

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So.. what are you not sure about how to feel with this? Gaben is continuing his open, and easily personable entry plans for the PC and expanding it even further.