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Wow, Patrick. 1%? Really? Quite optimistic there.

And thus in this era of narcissism, the children fight over getting their way.

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Wow. Just wow. Disbelief. RIP Ryan.

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I don't get why it had to be one or the other. Can't I download a game, and share that digitally with my family, while I physical buy a game disc and share it physically with my family? Why can't I have both these options, that way everyone gets what they want?

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Patrick is right about one thing. This is going to be a blood bath.

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Great article Alex. My favorite part of Giant Bomb is THE GUNS!

E3, at this point, is about one thing to me. Ubisoft's press conference, and it's who-the-hell-runs-the-marketing-department-and-thought-of-this-never-second-guess-any-marketing-decisions-cocaine-fueled insanity.

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Really nice article Alex, as always. Easily becoming my favorite part about the site. I do feel that the most successful company of the last generation, which was technically Nintendo, but I think everyone knows that's coming to an end, always develops this hubris of "Okay, we're the best, so we can do anything we want." It just ends up biting them in the ass, just like Sony did with the PS3. I also liked Sony's presentation better, but I did end that with "What are they going to do with E3?" They showed a ton of stuff. Is there anything left for E3 to show that we haven't seen before? Microsoft isn't in that boat because of their presentation, but they also really didn't focus on the gamer because of that. I think Sony realized who watches these things and catered to that, Microsoft didn't really care. In the end, I think Microsoft's presentation really held no value to me as a gamer.

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"There is oftentimes a tragic tendency among gamers to shout down opposing viewpoints." Replace the word "gamers" with "humans".

As for my experience with Infinite, I really felt a disconnect between the gameplay and the story. There was really two modes for me in the game, shooting mode and story mode. Shooting mode was great, but as story mode became more interesting and the game dragged along, I felt it just got in the way, and I just wanted to know how the story ends. As for all the themes in the game, by the end I really didn't care. The story was about Booker and Elizabeth by the end, and the long haul through all the shit they've been through. Maybe the end was finally letting them get rest from the long haul through death, or maybe redemption from what Booker did to Elizabeth can only come from death. Either way, it was a great game, and I highly recommend it.

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I still look back at the release of The Beatles: Rock Band and Rock Band 3 and wonder why I never played those games. I guess after Rock Band 2, I was just done. Don't know why...

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Damn it! Who's going to make an FPS I actually want to play now?

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I think people's reaction to the PS4 conference comes with their expectations. If you expected nothing more than a 30 minute conference of "Hey, we're making this thing!", like I did, than it's E3-quese size and content was a delight. But if you wanted EVERYTHING, like those last 3 pieces that Alex pointed out, price, date, box, well I guess you're disappointed. As Patrick pointed out Sony does have to hold some if it's cards to it's chest because it's playing this game with Microsoft and it's now there move, so holding back the price and date makes sense to me. Like I said though, it comes down to expectations, and for me, I was impressed.

As for the layoffs, well, my gaming press ecosystem doesn't really go beyond the walls of Giant Bomb these days, so I don't know a thing about these other websites and what they did, but good luck to them none the less.

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