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The Beating Heart of Diablo 0

Here we are 16 years or so after Diablo I was released on the PC on the very last day of 1996. Game design has come a long way and PC capabilities have as well. When Blizzard sat down to make this game, the needed not only to come up with a fresh experience to something old, but also think of the changes needed to update the original gameplay of Diablo to make it a contender with the modern games of today. For the most part, Diablo III turned out to be a great game, but some of the changes that ...

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Great Walking Sim, Not a Great Game 0

Maybe the destination is not what matters, but the journey along the way. A journey generally is a learning experience. You maybe do some introspection, learn something about yourself and something about yourself you need to change. Or maybe you learn something greater about life itself. A journey that is thought provoking is a journey to remember. A journey where you move from one location to another, not so much.Journey is a game where you walk, jump, and float. The gameplay is rather bland an...

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What is New is Old Again 0

(Warning, there be spoilers ahead)When Halo 3 ended, it was left in a way that when someone was ready, they could really take the series anywhere they wanted. With a different developer being put to the task of making the next Halo trilogy and the freedom that Halo 3 left them with, you might have the feeling that Halo 4 is going to be something different, exciting, and everything you've ever wanted it to be. It turns out that that is not so much the case.Where Halo 4 needed to differ the most w...

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Style and Soul 0

With games now these days doing everything scientifically possible to appeal to as many people as possible for the maximum amount of money, Rayman: Orgins says to hell with that and just does what it wants to. It's such a breath of fresh air that one could not help but be absorbed by it's enthusiasm, humor, and soul. Rayman: Origins is such a well crafted and stylized game that if you walk away from it without a smile on your face, you are quite simply soulless.Rayman: Origins' story is primaril...

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Beautiful and Relaxing, but Cryptic 0

When I first started playing Fez, I found the game to be incredibly relaxing. You play the game as Gomez, who just so happens just to get a fez and can rotate the world, and that's about it with the setup. From there you hop around and get cubes.The first opening hours of Fez are quite easy. Bits of cubes are everywhere, and you just need to jump to them to get them. If you can't get to one, just rotate the world, and you'll figure it out. While you're just leisurely jumping around, the sound tr...

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Great Portable Mario 0

Going into a 3D Mario game like Super Mario 3D Land, you might be expecting something along the lines of Super Mario Galaxy. Going in with that mentality probably will leave you disappointed, but not disappointed to say that Super Mario 3D Land isn't a great game, on the contrary, it's a great game, and a great portable game at that.Super Mario 3D Land of course has some standards it needs to adhere to as a Mario game. The princess is kidnapped. There are levels to go through, and you have to be...

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