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For the most part weekends suck on most internet sites since a lot of sites observe the same 5 day work week that a lot of people do. Even though I like weekend content I think most of the weekend content we've been getting is based around 2 facts. 1.) Sometimes they aren't aloud to post reviews, interviews and the like until certain dates. 2.) Giant Bomb is still working with limited manpower and they get to things when they get to things, e.g. if Vinny or Drew doesn't finish editing a video till Saturday then that's when it goes up. Otherwise if they ever get to a point where they're producing so much content that it makes sense to start witholding for the weekend, I'm all for it. And also, yeah, sometimes work is still work and taking 2 days off to forget about it is necessary.

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That would work except for all the people who assume a membership includes the right to be an even bigger dick. And all the other reasons why it would never work, see John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory.