Persona 4 = Worst death idea ever!

Ok just bought persona 4 recently and started going through it and just have to say . . . whoever came up with the idea that if the protagonist dies it's game over should be fed to a bunch of hungry mutated gorrila's that haven't ate in weeks. Seriously though, it seems so ridiculous to have this concept in a game, I mean, it's ok for the rest to die and be revived easily, but for some strange reason doesn't happen with main character. So stupid.


Damn Gamescore!

Ok, Why do developers add achievements with stupid points. Currently sitting at a gamerscore that ends in a 7 and that number is driving me mad!


'Splosion Man

I may not have the biggest collection of xbox live games but this game has really surprised me. I only purchased it because I had a spare 800 MS and I have been pleasently surprised :) This is the sort of game I have been waiting for being released on Live. It's such a fun platform game that does require a level of skill (something that has been lacking in platform games lately). I highly recommend this game to any fan of platform games and may be the best Live game I've played . . . not counting Castlevania : SOTN but that wasn't made for live :)


Why can't I go back to games.

Ok . . . so lately (due to lack of finances) I have been looking over my game library and trying to find a game to play. Problem is, I can't get in the mood to play any of them. I fear I may have a problem with games over a year old but not quite old enough to be classics. . .


This is what a gaming site should be ... aimed at gamers!

The site has only just launched and from the initial get go it's clear to see that this sites main focus is toward the gamer. Even the homepage itself has a look that every gamer loves : sheer over-the-top-ness. Also with pages aimed from everything from Experience points to (yes I'll use the cliche at the moment) hamburgersit's clear to see that this site is just what every gamer needs. From the way things look it seems like the main gaming site I will use and especially with users being able to edit pages it truly does feel not only like a site for gamers but in part a site influenced by the gamers themselves.