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Got this problem as well. All of my molotov cocktails are being stored as blood vials. Honestly it seems like a pretty good deal for me at the moment...

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can anyone answer a question about how Ciphers regain focus? I'm not sure if it's based on number of hits, or damage dealt.

I've spec'd one out for two handed, but I'm unsure whether that's hobbled me in the focus regen stakes.

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I am seconding what people say about Hard to Kill. It's hilariously bad. It has a sex scene that literally occurs in the middle of a training montage.

I would also recommend Exit Wounds, for a glimpse at how his career trajectory changed in the late 90s.

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I are interested!

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tly because they introduce those new enemies that you cannot shoot and have to melee. I didn't notice there was a melee weapon there and it took me a while to figure it out. You can imagine my "joy" when on the next screen they put in those guys and the guys who you can't melee meaning you had to time everything just like a puzzle.

This sounds absolutely horrendous...

Honestly, at the moment it's feeling like a real slog, with each new level being my new least favourite. It might be partly to do with playing on PS4 though, maybe a controller just isn't really viable for this game - but it certainly was for the last one. And it would be pretty shitty to put it out on consoles if that was the case! It just feels way too imprecise to do what the game wants me to do.

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I live in Norwich. Can we get an on-site rivalry going?

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@savage said:

If you're going to play the Baldur's Gate games, I'd recommend playing the Enhanced Editions instead of the original versions.

If you're really squeezed for cash, then the originals, being less expensive, are an okay way to go (especially if you install some mods like TuTu, mentioned above).

But, if you can afford the EEs, you'll get a number of quality of life improvements that mods cannot replicate, including better pathfinding AI, better framerate, better inventory interface, mousewheel zoom, quickloot, etc. The EEs also have some exclusive content (a few new party members/quests and a battle arena mode) as well as many of the original games' basic mod improvements already integrated to save you the time of finding and installing the right basic mods. You can also install additional mods on top of the EEs, if you want to go that far.

Personally I think most all of the brand new content in the Enhanced Editions is kind of trash, but I've enjoyed having them on my tablet! I would say the main advantage of them over using BGTuTu is that it retains the XP cap. It's very easy with tutu to finish up all of BG1 and TOTSC with a level or two more than you are supposed to have at the end of the first game, which makes the early goings of BG2 a lot less fun.

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I feel for you. I haven't been to the barber in 10 years, since I started doing it myself. I've totally forgot how to get a haircut and I really feel like I ought to start getting haircuts that don't make me look like a polish criminal.

So far all I can think to ask is "I would like a haircut that an adult man would have"

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I think rugby is a very strange sport to make work as a video game. For one, there is a lot of collision between players which is always an issue for game developers. Also I think the flow of rucks and mauls is hard to have function intuitively in a game. Should they be button mashes? Timing-based QTEs? It's hard to make a system where most of the time the team bringing the ball in keeps it while still giving the defending player the incentive to even try.

Maybe the only reason these things seem hard though is because no one's done it. Soccer and football seem difficult too but they were cracked simply because there was such a big market. I think it's very possible that a development team could solve this with a decent budget and developers willing to really think about these issues, but I don't really think there's the market out there to make it worth it. If any developer's listening out there, my friends and I would play the shit out of a great rugby game.

I think soccer mostly works because the shape of play is a lot less regimented? Like, a lot of rugby takes place in a straight line across the field, whereas football is a bit more freeform - there are more immediately obvious options for what to do in any given moment compared to Rugby.

Now if a rugby game could intuitively allow for a lot of tactical depth in those moments (with passes and feints and whatnot) then it might be a more likely, but you;d still have the problem of scrums and rucks being hard to translate to a controller.

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@slowbreakdown: I might be misunderstanding you but are you saying that you're put off because the souls games play slowly, with a lot of hiding behind shields and stuff?

That certainly seems to be how the GB crew play the games, but it's not the only way. I'm not sure if it's as possible in Demon's, but Dark 1 and 2 fast dodging and evasion - in fact I think a lot of people would say it is the better way to play, really.

Although you might be saying that you find it's slow because you have to be very reactionary - watching enemies and waiting for them to attack in a way that allows you to get some decent damage in. In that sense you're definitely right, although DS2 was better about this I think, because adding the dual wield power stances allowed for a style focused on very fast high damage attacks ie trying to kill most normal enemies in one swoop before they could say boo.

If that was what you meant, maybe that won't make up for it though - you still have to be a bit considered about how you play...