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Alright, last question I guess!

I only just realised that the Driveclub people are the Motorstorm guys. So how much does the handling feel like that?

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@hassun: It's just the one I had. We played a lot of it on a 15" CRT in the kitchen at uni.... I never played Takedown though.

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I do still have my 360, but it is old and knackered and everything runs like shit on it, otherwise I probably would have gone down that route.

I'm getting the impression that my choices are just too limited on the PS4 at the moment. If I didn't have to save I'd be tempted to buy n Xbox One for Horizon 2 but I think my lady would make me play it in the garden if I did...

Thanks for the opinions guys, more obviously welcome.

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@corevi: Yeah, that's what I thought it meant. I remember watching that e3 demo/trailer thing and being impressed by that, and thinking that the way it moves very quickly between cutscene and gameplay could have some interesting implications to the way that games present stories. But at the same time, very little about the rest of the game looks particularly innovative or exciting in that way. Maybe I'll decide a little closer to the time.

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@humanity: I like both styles. Forza is probably the series I've spent most time with, across Forza 3 and Forza Horizon. I prefer trying to take corners properly to drifting round them, but I've never owned a racing wheel or anything. I think Forza Horizon was the ideal for me because it had a driving model that felt simulation-y, but it didn't punish you as much for taking corners badly so it was a bit more relaxed.

Honestly between the two answers I'm still not sure. The way @humanity describes the handling in The Crew sounds like it's not for me, but to be honest I do also like open worlds and being able to drive around without necessarily racing.

More opinions still needed! (but thanks for those provided)

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Ok, so here are some facts:

  • I'm really jonesing for a racing game to play on PS4, but so far none of them have seemed great enough for a full price purchase
  • The Crew is on sale on PS4, but Driveclub is cheaper because I'm a PS+ member.
  • If I buy either, it should be this weekend because the 10% off voucher lasts until Monday
  • Racing games I like, in a sort of best to worst order: Forza Horizon, Burnout Revenge, Forza 3, NFS Most Wanted, Burnout Paradise (I know, people will say I'm crazy. Love the driving in Paradise but hate the way the game is designed)

Now in this modern age of no demos, I'm finding it difficult to decide which of these games I would like, or if I even should get either of them. Jeff (and others) have been very negative about Driveclub, but also a lot of people are saying more positive things more recently. I had been hoping to wait for the free PS+ version so I could try it out without losing anything, but it seems like that could be a ways off.

The Crew I know a lot less about. It sounds like a much livelier game than Driveclub, but I've heard the driving itself is pretty mediocre. I also think the ubisoft-ification with the radio towers sounds dumb.

I've also been seeing stuff about Project Cars recently? I don't know a lot about it but it looks ok, and if the upshot of this discussion is that Driveclub and The Crew are too mediocre to bother with, maybe I can set my sights on that?

So what's your opinion here? I'm not all that bothered by multiplayer, although it can be nice. I'm more interested in how the driving is. I have liked both Arcadey racers and Sim racers before (Paradise and Forza 3 on 360), but the most fun I've had with a racer was probably Forza Horizon, which I thought split the difference really nicely between being able to be a bit loose, but still trying to take corners well and not just drifting around everything. In particular I liked that they moved it off the track for Horizon, which is why I'm not too sure about Project Cars, which looks like it might be going back to a very staid GT-ish presentation.

So, any thoughts or advice? I wish people still made demos...

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In a fit of overexcitement at having a PS4 I preordered this on amazon while I was preordering Witcher 3 and Bloodborne. Yes, I know I am what is wrong with games.

I'm not really that bothered about letterboxing or anything of that nature, but I'm realising that the only thing I was at all excited about was Jeff talking about how they were trying to have cutscenes that blended in with the gameplay in a seamless sort of a way. I'm not even sure I understood what he meant correctly now, but it certainly doesn't seem like a good reason to buy it sight unseen.

I should really cancel that preorder...

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But does the whole "Tamriel unlimited" thing give anyone else the impression that they might be doing separate F2P and Subscription services? Sort of like how there was Trackmania Nations and Trackmania United Forever.

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Thanks for the responses duders.

Just to clarify, what really made me question it was that the pre-order is up on the US store but not the uk one (as @erickmartins said). I'm not really bothered about retail or anything.

I was mostly just finding it weird that Sony don't seem to be saying anything about it, particularly in light of Costume Quest 2 apparently not making cert in europe.

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I've been searching for a while without really finding anything, but is there any word on a UK/EU release date for this? I hope it's not going to be a Costume Quest 2 type situation here...

(Obviously I know that's unlikely, what with the lack of seasonal pressure, but let me have some irrational worries!)