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@ares42 said:

I get why people might like this combat, but it seems way off for a Mass Effect game. The franchise is supposed to be an RPG shooter, but this seems way more like some arcade/arena-style combat to me. Is leveling, loot and character progression even gonna be a important part of this game ? or is it just relegated to a "be x level to do damage" situation ?

I agree, it reminded me a lot of inquisition, to be honest. Or more accurately, it reminded me a lot of the Division. I liked the Division but I don't think that' what I want from Mass Effect

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@overnow: You should investigate the shield. It can tear up a North Star or Ronin in seconds, and if you can get behind most of the others it'll do a job. I only ever really have trouble with Legion, and that's mostly because it gets difficult to see what's going on.

I've had games of Titans v Titans where I've managed to take out the entire enemy team in 2 minutes using that shield. Admittedly, they should have twigged to what was happening a bit quicker, but still.

I love scorch. I've been playing through to the first regen with each titan in turn, and so far Scorch has been my favourite. I'm at Ronin now and I'm not quite getting it. I just about managed to get a decent routine with Northstar but it requires more focus than I normally have to give.

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@dudeglove said:

Fantastic Beasts is a dreadful film that is horribly shot, badly edited, and has none of the charm of the Potter films, and is arguably David Yates worst contribution to the overall Rowling franchise yet. Tim Burton did a dozen times already (and does it better). Eddie Redmayne is a charmless twerp, Colin Farrell's motivations make next to no damn sense up until the very end (but you're in no suspense as to why) and it's just a waste of two hours of your live.

No doubt it'll be given rave reviews, but outside of two auxiliary characters, it's just trash.

I agree 100%. I'd also like to add that I had real difficulty understanding what Redmayne was saying half the time. I thought Dan Fogler and Samantha Morton (was she the sister?) were the two best characters in that.

I just got back from watching it as well. I liked it a bit more than you guys, but it wasn't all that good. I've never liked David Yates, and felt his direction was a big step back compared to what Alfonso Cuaron did (hell, I even think the Chris Columbus might be more cinematic in their approach). Just by dint of having been written with the screen in mind makes it better than most of the mainline potter films for me.

And when it is being a lighthearted standalone romp it's pretty enjoyable. Solid acting, some decent jokes. But then that is constantly being intruded on by a darker storyline, that feels tacked on. It's tone is completely at odds with the rest of the film, and it keeps dropping in links to the main series that really clang. Obviously it's setting up a franchise, but that's really part of the problem. Once the "fantastic beasts" plot drops away, that's all you're left with. At that point they also start layering twist upon twist, culminating in a totally unnecessary twist that makes the whole thing collapse, for me. That plot line also ends with a massively unsatisfying downer.I'm not someone who demands a happy ending but it really is a damp squib.

It doesn't help that the film is a constant barrage of scenes that feel lifted from other (better) films - Citizen Kane, Akira, Soylent Green, Men in Black 3... A lot of the action scenes felt like Star Wars, and not the good Star Wars (one scene actually felt to me like an am dram version of the Senate scene from Episode 1) Even the good bits are just Doctor Who with wizards instead of space wizards.

That's a lot of negativity,but I did find it enjoyable. It's the sort of film that is ok in a Cinema but would probably be less enjoyable on a small screen.

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@mirado said:

It's on the scatter plot; around 2002, he just stopped giving a shit, and so did I.

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This is pretty funny, but I would like to point out that it's obviously incomplete: Silver Linings Playbook came out in 2012 and has 92% on RT.

Also Limitless has 70% (2011) and he's in American Hustle which has 93% (2013)

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@sammo21 said:

@quipido: That sort of goes without say, doesn't it? Unless someone says, "objectively" before something it is pretty safe to assume you're hearing the opinion of that person :p.

The only reason I bought Infinite Warfare was for the MW remaster. I enjoyed going through the campaign again but the multiplayer is a snail's pace in comparison. I played about 4 games before I realized it was going to be a novelty for me. I would buy a 3 pack of the entire MW series remastered (3 is my favorite mp of the MW series). Had Titanfall 2 and Overwatch not come out this year I might put a bit more time into MW's multiplayer, but I just can't now. In all honesty, if I knew the way I currently feel I wouldn't have bought Infinite Warfare at all (and I liked the campaign, dislike the mp, hate zombies).

I can believe it. I really liked the MW multiplayer at the time, and do think later CODs are a little too over complicated, with too many attachments and kill-streaks and different levels of different stuff. With that said I think MW2 was probably the sweet spot for that stuff

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So after struggling for a while with Ion (which I do like but is a bit underpowered compared to some of the later titans) and Northstar (which I like more in theory than in practice), I've just discovered the joys of Scorch.

Not having any boost is a bit of a pain, but that fireshield can absolutely wreck an enemy titan if you can get up on them. Love it.

Still working my way through most of the pilot gear. I liked the Hemlock a lot but I think I prefer the semi-auto one that comes after

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@jonny_anonymous said:

We have had modern day ad sci fi. Has anybody made a fantasy shooter?

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic? Lichdom: Battle Mage? Vermintide?

Those are the only things that come close that I can think of, without just listing first person RPGs...

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@whitegreyblack: yeah, that whole album is great. Hard to listen to it now without it feeling like he was writing his obituary in some ways though, as trite as that sounds.

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Ah nuts.

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I think there's a lot to like about the attention to detail in the animations. I think a lot of it will fall apart if it ever gets to gamey- if the animal stops behaving naturally and you start to see the programming behind it. It looks like you control the animals movement by sort of nudging it, and I can definitely see some people hating that? I think it's an interesting idea.