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I'm on the fence here, but I can't help but draw comparisons to Divinity: Original Sin. Both are Kickstarter CRPGs, yet Wasteland 2 pulled in almost $3 million - triple that of Divinity - and a lot of people are saying that Wasteland seems like a rough, amateurish attempt rather than a fully polished retail product. I was looking forward to this game but at this point I'm going to wait for more reviews and most likely a significant sale before I pick it up.

That's a real shame, and makes me a little worried about Tides of Numanera. I was kind of hoping that going back to their roots would bring out something from InXile we hadn't seen. It sounds like, as much as they might be pushing some of the right buttons, they're a technically limited team.

Although I should say I haven't played this, so maybe I'm being unfair!

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According to a forum post, this game was played by GB at one point. I don't remember that video though, and I'm sure there haven't been many others who have played this game: MegaRace.

It's basically a prequel to Wipeout (hence the wheels).
This dude was an asshole.

haha, I would have said this. My Dad did localisation on a series of PC game compilations, one of which had megarace on it (IIRC, it also had jouneyman project and possibly slipstream 5000). You can get it on now...

For me, a game I remember really enjoying as a kid but that I've never see anyone talk about ever:

I can't even remember a huge amount about it now. I think it was kind of a dungeon siege/Nox style rpg with a cartoony style

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I hope to one day be able to overcome my fear of public transport in foreign countries, have enough money, and be physically fit enough to go and see Machu Picchu.

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"Caravella: takes 2 acid damage from Ryckert."

I looked through the screenshots specifically to see if they'd updated for the 2014 rosters!

Unfortunately for Icewind Dale, there's just not as much that you can "enhance" about it since you create your own party. I'll probably play it because I never finished Icewind Dale myself, although hearing from my brother about some of the stupidly difficult later encounters makes me a little shy. Game still looks amazing though. It's weird how the Infinity Engine is still the most beautiful RPG engine (or maybe that's all down to the artists) to date.

The Icwind Dale games specifically look really beautiful. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the IWD games used matte paintings for the environments, as opposed to the Baldur's Gate games which had digital art for the backgrounds?

With regards to the enhanced editions, I've never encountered any new bugs, but really don't think they're worth it compared to just getting the originals on GOG. The new content they add in is pretty much trash anyway, and modding the originals is a really quick process anyway.

With that said, I do own the EE of the first one on my Nexus 7. I just wish they'd hurry up and get the second one on android.

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@thatpinguino: Hmm, I see. I think in terms of the skills XCOM does hide its complexity in a purely literal sense by not showing you what skills you'll be getting later on, but this obviously only really applies once.

But I suppose following the metaphor, it has to be something that is perceivable at all times, not simply a case of obfuscation.

I'm not sure I can think of any other possible examples. It is an interesting idea....

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I think I get what you're driving at here, but can you clarify: In the example from MTG you gave us once the tactical advantage of Invasive Species has been mastered, it seems to be the obviously better choice, so you would always prefer it over Centaur Courser. Is this a necessary feature of Lenticular design? Am I just ignoring the fact that there might be an equally viable way of including Centaur Courser in a deck which is set up for a different strategy?

The game that springs to mind for me is the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The upgrade path for the sniper early on offers you a choice between firing after movement, and being able to fire at any enemy which an ally can see (and to which they have an unobstructed shot). For first time players, the inability to move and shoot might seem really prohibitive, and they might decide that the aiming penalty is worth it for being able to move their snipers along with the rest of the squad. However options later in the game reveal that the Line of Sight upgrade is far more powerful, especially as one of the final upgrades is the ability to shoot twice if the sniper doesn't move, allowing them to take out the toughest enemies in the game in one turn.

Likewise the Heavy Class had a choice between a skill which made targets easier to hit for allies when the heavy fired at them, or one that allowed them to shoot twice if they didn't move. The first skill again seems like an immediately attractive option, but I remember seeing someone point out that firing twice was the better option, as heavy weapons usually destroy cover in two hits, meaning you actually give your squad mates a 100% bonus to hit...

However the fact that this was obviously the best strategy is more a balance issue than a design feature. Certainly they rebalanced the sniper stuff in the expansion. But, if it isn't a feature of lenticular design for one strategy to be obviously better, then I think the "ideal" XCOM would still qualify - the idea that with the right tactics, either strategy could be viable, and it's just asking you to make those choices, and exhaust the ways you can look at things.

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My favourite bit is when the cop is like "Streaming? What the fuck is that you fuckin nerd"

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And yet in Die Hard all John Mclane can get is Al Powell

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I had a go with a witch doctor but found it a bit boring. I also just felt that I wanted to actually be using the weapons I was equipping, and witch doctor seems designed around using darts?

I'd like to try a demon hunter because I like the design on her a lot more, but at the moment I'm rolling with a crusader, which is a lot of fun.

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@thomasnash: I wouldn't call what Dawkins does philosophy. It's more politics than anything else.

I wouldn't argue with that, I was mostly just trying to say that what he is famous for, and therefore the type of prestige that he brings to his University, is not hard science research. I only went with Philosophy because something like the God Delusion can definitely be placed into a metaphysical (or anti-metaphysical?) tradition.

@thomasnash: @jazz_bcaz: @peakborn: Thanks for the clarification on what Oxbridge meant! When my brain saw the word, I think it literally just went "Nope, that's a nonsense word" and just converted it to Oxford instead, which is why I thought to bring up the omission of Cambridge. Interesting that those two get lumped together.

It's because they are the two oldest Universities in the UK by quite some margin. Oxford is late 11th Century and Cambridge is early 13th. Universities in England are broadly chronologically divided into Ancient Universities (Oxbridge, then 200 or so years later Universities in Scotland and Ireland), Red Brick Universities (late 19th Century universities like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, generally in the new Industrial centres of the UK) and "Plate Glass" universities from the 1960s (UEA, Warwick, Essex and others). There's also "New" Universities which are generally polytechnics that have been given a University Charter in the last 20 years or so. I think the last Poly to get its charter was Anglia Polytechnic in Cambridge (now Anglia Ruskin) which has a nice symmetry to it.

So put simply, they get lumped together because they are the oldest universities in the UK, and also the only two ancient universities in England.