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I performed a bunch of similar repairs to my old laptop. I had to replace the screen after it got trodden on. Had to replace the keyboard after it got a little bit of water spilled on it, and I had to replace one of the hinges after my cat knocked it off the sofa. It felt good to know I wasn't being wasteful.

But now it feels like it was a little silly. I probably spent about £80-100 repairing the thing, only for it to break totally a few weeks ago.

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I work from home, so I think the worst thing is probably communications issues between me and my bosses. I have maybe 2-3 days worth of stuff that needs doing every week, and then the rest of the time there is usually one project or another that needs doing, and the arrangement works best when we can talk frequently about what needs doing and what my priorities are, but there are times when we don't manage to talk for 2 weeks and as the time stretches on I can start to feel increasingly adrift and directionless.

It can also be tough when we do manage to get time to talk about stuff, making ourselves understood over the phone isn't always easy.

Still, it's not the worst problem to have, especially compared to some of the other stories in here, and the situation has its advantages too!

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I like this 2-part response to that Michael McMaster piece: On Mountain and On Text Vs. Form

really makes you think

I dunno, that basically just seems like post-structuralist/post-modernist dogmatism that doesn't really meaningfully engage with his argument at all, to me.

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@2headedninja: it was a little unjust that Germany got a free kick out of it though!

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@darthorange: yeah I felt that was a bit rum also! BBC commentary team seemed divided on it, Lawro adamant that it was totally fine but Tyldesley much less sanguine.

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@mordukai: half and half I'd say. First half great, second half bit scrappier. Same again in extra time except for a really stunning goal right at the end!

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@majid said:

@hassun: Completely agree. It's petty, ignorant and reveals a great deal about himself than it says anything about football or football players. Also, harping on the crying thing is ridiculous: these guys are shattered having all played a full season and then contesting a world cup. These players are not wimps, they're elites.

I think he was talking about the fans? But even so, mocking people for being passionate about something is pretty low, and something you'd think devotees of the much maligned hobby of video games might want to avoid.

Also, on the subject of the goal - my favourite thing about it was how the keeper had obviously decided there was no way he'd be able to put the ball past him on the left side, so had committed right. He looked pretty bloody surprised to see it sail past him!

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Beautiful goal!

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@markies: think the best possible outcome (for neutral spectators) would be for Germany to get 1 early on, and Argentina to spend the game fighting for it. I think if Germany get 2 head then it's all over, fun-wise.

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@vessel28: For simlation (diving) apparently. Pretty ridiculous call, imo.