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Dwarf Fortress? The length of time you can leave it without looking at it depends a bit on how much time you put in at the start.

I'd say that if you turn off invasions and start on a mega project, it could work, although maybe you'd want to set it to pause every (in-game) year or season to keep things ticking over.

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A bit late to the party, but one way to get around this issue if you have it again, is to use the priest spell "find traps" which, as far as I know, can't fail - although you have to move quite carefully as I think activates at set intervals, if you see what I mean (probably turns), rather than just being constant. Unfortunately it's no guarantee that you'll be able to deactivate the traps!

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@atlas said:

A good recent example is Far Cry 4. You could describe it as "just more FC3", but that does it a huge disservice. All the little iterative changes added up to a game that I had an absolute ton of fun with, even more so than FC3.

This was my immediate thought as well. I enjoyed my time with both games, but I didn't manage to get to the end of 3, whereas I did finish 4. Part of that is down to story stuff, I guess, but mostly I think it's about environment. Like, climbing up a cliff, then jumping off the other side and flying to an enemy base is a lot more fun than driving around.

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Apparantly that church is Grade I listed. Seems a shame not to have managed to get it into the game, unless it turns up later on.

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Glad you got there!

Trolls are bastards. The basic thing is that you have to beat on them until they "fall over" then use fire or acid on them. There are a bunch of spells that are useful for any troll filled area (melf's acid arrow, Flame arrow, Aganazzar's scorcher etc) but if you use spells you kind of have to try and hit more than one troll at a time.

Assuming you have bought/found a Web scroll, and have copied it into your mage's spellbook - and that they are high enough level to cast it (I think it's a level 3 spell, so you should be by now), then Web is cast like fireball - it is a spell that is centred on the area you cast it at (doesn;t have to be cast on an enemy). It will create a large area of webbing, and anyone walking through it must make a save or be effectively held there (web prevents them from taking any action, unlike the priest spell entangle, which holds them in place, but allows them to cast spells/fire ranged weapons/use melee weapons if something is in range). You can trap your own dudes in this as well, so my personal preference is usually something like horror, or hold person.

You might find the magic stuff a bit easier to understand if you read the rules at the top of the description of any spell you want to use. It will tell you the area of effect - either "1 creature" which means you need to target an enemy, something like "15 foot radius" or the dimensions of a wedge, which means you just need to cast it at an area in the caster's line of sight, or "caster" which means as soon as you hit the icon the caster will cast it on themselves.

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Would say the same deal as with the armour. You probably won't get a key in one dungeon that opens a door in a different one.

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Not a problem. In case it wasn't obvious, these games are sort of my jam, and I like talking about them!

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Hmm, I can't remember I'm afraid. My instinct would be to say that if you are finding a lot of them, it's probably junk, and if you only find one, there's a reasonable chance that it's quest related. My advice would be to read the item description and see if it gives you any clues, or if it tells you that it's useless.

Either way, maybe keep it until you finish the dungeon you find it in. I don't think there are many sub quests that span more than one dungeon, so if you can't find a use for it where you find it, or in town when you get back, it is probably junk.

Make sure you sell it to the general trader in the SW of kuldahar, he gives better prices for "historical artifacts."

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Yeah, it's just selling loot.

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I don't know how much help you want, but I just checked a guide, and the simple answer is yes, I think. Have you fully explored the vale of shadows before hand.

You should be able to go to the middle, and find a longsword +1 on a "yeti chieftan", and there's a cave along that path that should have a mace +1 as well. If you're struggling to find them you might be able to hold tab to highlight objects, but that might not have been introduced until BG2. If you're playing the enhanced edition it will be in there!

What's your party like? It might help to know, in this specific instance! Is there any character that can withstand the attack for a reasonable amount of time?

Edit: Or you can go back to Kuldahar and buy something from a shop, although your money might be a bit tight at the moment.