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@moonshadow101: Also, just fyi, you are ALWAYS welcomed to pop into our mumble and talk. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:15-12:15. We play other games besides WoW together now!

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@moonshadow101: We miss you already! Hope to see you again soon. Who can I call Kin?

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Big news, Bomb Squad has moved servers, we are now on Zul'gin! See you there!

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Updated with latest drop! Will change the other videos to links when I have the time! Grats to the raid team.

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@BongChilla: Theres an anchored topic in this forum for the official GB guild! Check it out and hope to see you!

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@M3RPHY: Glad to have you! I hope we meet your expectations. :P

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What msavo said, the guild is for all players, not just raider types. Just a fun place to level and talk about Giant Bomb.

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This post will have all the current Tiers heroic drop videos in it with a link to our YouTube page for previous tiers! Check back often.

Tier 14 (Patch 5.0)

Normal The Stone Guard

Normal Feng the Accursed

Tier 13 (Patch 4.3)




Sadly this was not recorded due to trust issues. :(




***At this point we stopped considering what we were doing as progression so the final two boss drop videos are the raw feed from my perspective, harsh language and terrible music are in store for those hardy enough to watch. Maybe one day our awesome video guru Troidy will give these the techno treatment too***



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<Bomb Squad> is a Giant Bomb community guild, based on Zul'Gin US, Horde side. The guild was founded by Rawfle (Gakon on Giant Bomb) and eight other enterprising members of the community on July 21, 2010. However, since May 2011 the guild has been run by the fearless Azizzmuck (Thrawnkkar on Giant Bomb). You can find our official website at

We are a guild based around the Giant Bomb community and a great place to level, hang out and if you have what it takes raid in the highest levels of the games end content. Giant Bomb members only need to message any one in game and they will find an officer and have you added, duders get in with out an application! So come in to level and play with people that share your interests for Giant Bomb in Mists of Pandaria!

PS, sorry for stealing your post Gakon but its better than what I could have done!


  • Level: 25
  • Achievement points: 1690
  • Members: 139

Raid progression

Tier 15 (Patch 5.1)

  • Normal ToT 10: 1/13

Tier 14 (Patch 5.0)

  • Normal MSV 10: 6/6
  • Normal HOF 10: 5/6
  • Normal TOE 10: 4/4

Tier 13 (Patch 4.3)

  • Normal 10: 8/8
  • Heroic 10: 8/8

Tier 12 (Patch 4.2)

  • Normal 10: 7/7
  • Heroic 10: 4/7

Tier 11 (Patch 4.0.3a)

  • Normal 10: 12/12
  • Heroic 10: 1/13
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Grats to the Raid team, once we filled a pretty critical spot on our team and got everyone on we dropped Heroic Spine simple as pie to bring us to 7/8 Heroic, then went to 15% on Heroic deathwing our 2nd and 3rd attempt before realizing that Blizzard had broken the encounter (they have fixed it this patch and we will be dropping it Saturday) Meaning your OFFICIAL Giant Bomb WoW guild will be 8/8 Heroic.

Here is the video, its not edited with music and an intro as normal because we dont really consider this progression anymore, so you can hear us babble and my music as we drop it. Enjoy!

edit- 9-15: We did it! 8/8 Heroic! Grats to the raid team!