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National Arbitration Forum?...How--What?  
How does the National Arbitration Forum have any authority on proceedings outside of a governed court of law? 
I mean, what's stopping the owner of ModernWarfare3.com saying to the National Arbitration Forum: "Go fuck yourselves!" 
Does the National Arbitration Forum have subpoena power? 
Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Finders keepers, losers weepers. 
Admittedly, I'm not a lawyer, it seems suspicious to me.

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Say goodbye to Pop Cap games on Steam. At least the new titles. 

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The fracturing of the PC digital download services begins. 
Unfortunately, I doubt Steam will when this war. Activision/Blizzard is only a few steps a way from making Battle.net their exclusive digital download service.

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@Jeff Gertsmann, @Giant Bomb Staff:

I would like to see Giant Bomb to adopt the main page layout that Tested and Screened has. It makes the stories easier to read and the videos easier to watch.
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I was hoping for the new MMO announcement, oh well. 
I wasn't impressed by the Diablo III, Demon Hunter trailer. It was sub-par for Blizzard.

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Let's see here... 
Steam has thirty million active users. Check. 
Games for Windows won't sell games with Steamworks. Hmm...Well then. 
Here's to you Microsoft, for your upcoming annual colossal failure.