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Got a good crew, we need one more! Send me an invite. PSN: TimmyChaw

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@rollingzeppelin: I dont think for a second that they intended for this, but the fact that something this major could slip through is astounding. Especially when it comes to money, this kinda shit is usually front and center. Hurting their paying customers is about as dumb a thing as they could do, but then they surpass that by going dark and providing zero response on the matter. They ABSOLUTELY know this is happening, its the top trending topics on their support forums with tons of posts, but they have remained silent.

They obviously just want to ignore it until the DLC releases and hope that nobody remembers, but by not even acknowledging the problem, they have just crapped all over the little reputation they have left.

I can laugh about it too, its completely absurd that this could happen, but fuck man... Its scary to think that our digital libraries are one error away from being taken away from us.

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@darkvare: I would be somewhat ok (but not really, cause fuck that, lol) if a version of that was the case here. Like being blocked from multiplayer or something... Being unable to even launch the game is infuriating. I have no way to play my game period, that seems borderline illegal to me, lol.

A 30+ hour downtime only because I chose to give them more money for new content! Its like the worst kind of irony...

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@pyrodactyl: Restoring licences doesnt work. And I cant delete and re-download Destiny today because of other shit that isnt relevant. But even if I could, thats 22 gigs of waiting for the most bullshit reason.

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I pre-ordered the DLC and I also have it digitally and it works perfectly fine for me.

You got the season pass then. I bought the standalone DLC.

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@sirfork: Yep, contacted Bungie on twitter, posted several topics on the support forums, even PM'ed a mod. Zero response.

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@mb said:

This is definitely messed up, but also another thing in the long list of reasons to stop preordering stuff.


Shame on me for thinking that it was safe to preorder something for a game that has already came out.

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"We are aware of the issue affecting PS4 players upon pre-ordering the DLC. We understand the frustration of being locked out of a game that you already own. Unfortunately we are not going to do anything about it, as we already have your money. Therefore we suggest that you think about the lesson we have taught you, and remember this day the next time you consider pre-ordering something in the future."

Honestly, if they posted this I would actually feel better, lol...

ZERO response on their forums, even as they continue to respond to other posts like "Where is Zur?"

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Sorry for spamming, but I am super pissed right now! I get a 30+ hour lockout because I chose to continue supporting this game?

Thats so fucked. Its also indicative of a larger DRM problem, when an error locks you out of a game you already own, thats a major fucking problem!

Even if this expansion ends up being awesome and I want to get the next one, there is no fucking way I will pre-order ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!