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One can only hope that the way the Highway patrol is handling the policing sends some sort of signal to other authorities that you can avoid or tone down the hostile climate by not going in as if you where going in to a war zone.

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No UPF tonight? :(

I was thinking the same thing. I think Dan and perhaps Jeff (Alex also, but he's a Beast so it doesn't matter in this case) are off to that wrestling-thing, but sure they would still have a UPF, right?

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Ryckert has been fucking amazing so far and the topic of this thread is absolutely one reason why he is so entertaining... and the pure enthusiasm he expresses a lot of the time is just great.

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The GB Video Filter site pretty much handles this already, so long as you don't want Bombcasts as well. Here's a search for Danny O'Dwyer appearances in reverse chronological order. Looking at that list it certainly feels like there are some entries missing, just because I thought Danny had been in more than 13 videos, but I can't actually find any.

Oh, that's pretty great. But you're right that videos are missing. Just digging through premium videos manually now I see a couple of videos missing between the Ashes Cricket-video and Rorie's Puppies.

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So... I was trying to look up some of the first videos with Danny O'Dwyer and remembering those great threads for the best Quick Looks I thought there would be a easy way to find them. There is some lists of games he've played, but I didn't find a easy way to find the videos.

Am I simply bad at searching or is there no thread that lists guests and link to the video they've been on? If there is I would love a link to it, but otherwise we could maybe start a chronological list here if there is some interest in it? Since I'm not that active in the forums (I promise I would be in this case) I can't tell for sure, but I assume I would be able to continue adding names and links to this first post?

Something like this...

Danny O'Dwyer:

Backflips 'n BioForge - Part 01

Backflips 'n BioForge - Part 02

Backflips 'n BioForge - Part 03

Unprofessional Fridays: 02/07/2014

John Tiberius Drake:

E3 2013: John, John, and Disney Infinity. RAW!

E3 2014: John, John, John, and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) RAW

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Sweden (I live there), Finland, Norway, Israel, Jordan and I'll be going to Scotland next week.

I've mostly been to Finland to stock up on cheaper booze so I haven't experienced the country that much. Norway obviously have amazing nature. Israel was great for the history in Jerusalem and the same with Jordan because of Petra. And Wadi Rum in Jordan felt like a different planet since I'm used to mostly forest everywhere and long winters.

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Loved the first season atleast, but haven't watch the second season yet.

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Does being good at using a brush mean you are a geniune artist?

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This thread just made me think of I how much i hate the Mass Effect-title. The most amazing games, but the name to me just sounds stupid.

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Hotline Miami is a good'n. It evokes the setting and feel without coming right out and telling you what you're in for.

Was thinking of that title just as I heard read the title of this thread.