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The last time I tried to start a thread it turned out someone had started a website on the topic for QL-filters, but this time I tried to search without any success. With everything going on in the gaming industry right now it might be a bit secondary, but thought it would be interesting to hear how peoples experience with parental control was when they started playing games. The whole "VIDEO GAMES ARE RUINING OUR CHILDREN" always seemed a bit weird to me.

I remember getting our first computer in the 90's and as pre-teenager altavisting "bigga bröst" which means "bigga breasts" and my father walking in on us and laughing and then exiting the room. So there basically wasn't any parental control what so ever. and needless to say I didn't have any parental control what so ever when it came to games. So what was your experience?

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My mom is 51 and she has stolen my Nintendo DS to play New Super Mario Bros and plays a lot of Facebook-similar-games but not on Facebook. And my dad always seems fascinated when I show him driving games or cinematic games like L.A. Noire.

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I haven't been interested in Gamespot for a very long time and it's to bad to see him leave just as things is starting to get interesting as they are taking some cues from Giantbomb and getting more loose with their format. I've always found him entertaining. He's leaving for Seattle so I can't stop think something like Microsoft.

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This thread is gross and I can list 100+ games that is great toilet seat games. One iOS game that I would highly recommend his Amazing Breaker. It's really fucking amazing. You shoot exploding things at glass sculptures and try to destroy as much ice as possible and it doesn't have any stupid micro transactions. They do got some DLC with more levels, but the amount of short-burst-fun I've had from that game just made it impossible to not give them another buck or two or whatever it cost.

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I fucking love what Marvel is doing with their superheroes, but I just couldn't get excited by this trailer. The only cool thing is fat Iron Man (I reckon that is the correct title) vs Hulk.

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Every time I read this thread title I start thinking "oh, cool, Drew is back from Vietnam and posted a cool blog". To be a bit more on topic I would love to try Taco Bell. Not that I like really shitty fast food, but it's still really interesting and we don't even have McDonalds in this town. The one we used to have tries some schtick with the first McDonalds for snowmobiles, but they had to close.

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The recent changes to the show has only made it more entertaining so it keeps being great.

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Death treats is obviously horrible and I think Valves reaction is a good thing, but I can just imagine how horrible that guy feels right now. He just ruined the success of the thing that he and likely some very close friends of his probably poured their heart and soul into. Please let this stop at this point and not escalate it to people harassing him since he already punished himself with his actions.

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@mostlysquares: I think you bring up a good point. It's not a good excuse, but the fact that we basically have the same brains as our ancestors living in caves is often a good explanation of why people do fucked up things. Evolution works slow in some cases.

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@milkman said:

One of the best lessons I've ever learned is when it's time to shut up and listen. There are some things that you just don't know. Things that you couldn't possibly know. That's not meant to make you feel ashamed. There's no shame in not knowing something. But the best way to learn is to listen to the people who do know.

That might be true for some people, but people can have plenty of experiences that make it possible to understand how horrible the situation is for women and have ideas for how things can be changed for the better.