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Sexual violence versus not-sexual violence has been an elephant in the room for a long time, and the elephant is getting ever bigger with the rise of feminist voices to criticise the medium. Violence has long been a deeply interwoven part of video games, from Mortal Kombat and Carmageddon and the like all the way through to the modern plethora of shooters and fighters and beat-em-ups and everything else. It's not just accepted, it's become weird to not accept it. You're meant to accept Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, just as you're meant to accept Tarantino movies and Game of Thrones and gangsta rap. It's isn't a weird hobby, it's mainstream culture.

I feel like the elephant in the room isn't necessarily sexual violence, but most forms of sexual content. If I recall correctly the australian ratings board have refused to rate other games because of content related to drugs and violence as well, but I do think there is a general taboo regarding sexual content. You can't show nudity on television in a lot of countries during certain hours, but things like alcohol, violence and murder is perfectly fine. I mean just look at the amendment in the UK banning pornographic productions that includes things that depicts aspects of female pleasure. All that comes from a puritanical world view that's not only ignoring any sort of rational morality, but also targets females because they aren't allowed to express themselves sexually the same way as men are. In the case of pornography there is absolutely trouble with how women in that particular industry is treated. However I'm completely convinced that the irrational taboo regarding sex and nudity is hurting more than it is helping in that situation. I might have spun of on a tangent here, but I agree with most of the other points you made in your post.

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Hey, did you guys see that part before the rape where he straight up murdered like 5 people with a hammer? I'm not sure what is so upsetting about fake rape compared to fake murder. Let's say for argument's sake there was an equivalent to Hotline Miami where all you do is rape people instead of kill them. Would that be worse somehow? Why is pretending to brutally slaughter people OK but pretending to rape them is not? Murder seems objectively worse. I'm not trying to say that rape isn't terrible, but none of this is real. If you're so offended by that scene you might want to ask yourself why you weren't offended by any of that other crazy shit. They would both be heinous acts in real life, but you're just desensitized to one and not the other.


It's fucked up that any form of sexual content is considered worse then murder. People have every right to be offended by art, but it shouldn't be okay for a organization authorized by the government to basically censor art. Especially when the standard they use is so puritanical. If there really was some sort of objectiveness and logic to the censoring they should start by banning any video game, movie etc. that includes murder.

Obviously rape is one of the most horrible things that can happen to a human being and people have every right to be offended by content that depicts that, but that shouldn't be an excuse for censorship. People have been killed by a falling piano. Doest that mean that any form of art that depicts a person getting a piano dropped on their head should be censored just because somewhere there is a mother, father or other family member/friend that will be offended by that because they've lost a loved one because of a falling piano?

And what is even the point of a ratings board if they just choose to not rate the games that arguably warrants a rating more than other games?

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I don't see anything weird about having two separate Patreons. One is for gaming and the other one for non-gaming stuff. I imagine there is a bunch of people that is only interested in their gaming coverage and vice versa and separate Patreons makes it possibly for the audience to support them À la carte. That's a good thing, right? And it's not like the people that supported their first Patreon is getting screwed in any way since the amount of content supposedly will be increasing on both fronts since they now have more time on their hands.

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I think they're pretty entertaining, especially Greg Miller and it's a bonus to not have to wrestle with the IGN website to see his content. It's also interesting to see how the trend of removing the middle man is continuing. There is a lot of similarities with how Giant Bomb started years before everyone else. Obviously they later got bought by CBS Interactive, but I more see that as Giant Bomb being successful enough that even the corporate side of things started to realize that there is something with this new thing of having a closer connection to the audience and subscriptions that really works.

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I have 100/100Mbps uncapped for $36 a month and I just checked my router and even if I had a cap a 1TB I would constantly be worried about hitting that. When you watch a lot of HBO, Netflix, Giant Bomb and other HD video content it adds up pretty fast.

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The last time I tried to start a thread it turned out someone had started a website on the topic for QL-filters, but this time I tried to search without any success. With everything going on in the gaming industry right now it might be a bit secondary, but thought it would be interesting to hear how peoples experience with parental control was when they started playing games. The whole "VIDEO GAMES ARE RUINING OUR CHILDREN" always seemed a bit weird to me.

I remember getting our first computer in the 90's and as a pre-teenager altavisting some sort of porn and my father walking in on me and a bunch of friends and laughing and then exiting the room. So there basically wasn't any parental control what so ever. And needless to say I didn't have any parental control what so ever when it came to games. So what was your experience?

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My mom is 51 and she has stolen my Nintendo DS to play New Super Mario Bros and plays a lot of Facebook-similar-games but not on Facebook. And my dad always seems fascinated when I show him driving games or cinematic games like L.A. Noire.

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I haven't been interested in Gamespot for a very long time and it's to bad to see him leave just as things is starting to get interesting as they are taking some cues from Giantbomb and getting more loose with their format. I've always found him entertaining. He's leaving for Seattle so I can't stop think something like Microsoft.

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This thread is gross and I can list 100+ games that is great toilet seat games. One iOS game that I would highly recommend his Amazing Breaker. It's really fucking amazing. You shoot exploding things at glass sculptures and try to destroy as much ice as possible and it doesn't have any stupid micro transactions. They do got some DLC with more levels, but the amount of short-burst-fun I've had from that game just made it impossible to not give them another buck or two or whatever it cost.

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I fucking love what Marvel is doing with their superheroes, but I just couldn't get excited by this trailer. The only cool thing is fat Iron Man (I reckon that is the correct title) vs Hulk.