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I am not a fan of condiments or salad dressings. If I have to, I can stomach a bit of ketchup/mustard/mayo on a burger, but I cannot eat salad that has any kind of dressing on it.

Otherwise, mayo is the worst thing ever. That means I miss out of a lot other foods in which mayo is a major ingredient...but that is small price to pay for not tasting mayo.

Not a big fan of corn, but I prefer the taste of frozen corn over that of corn-on-the-cob. Yup, you read that right.

Just looking at green beans is almost enough to make me lose my lunch.

Nuts of any sort do not taste good at all. Why do you maniacs insist on ruining such wonderful things like, brownies, cookies, banana bread, and ice cream by adding nuts?

I'm okay with the taste of cherries but I cannot stand the texture of cherries.

Pretty much all seafood is terrible. Fish, shrimp, calamari...bleh.

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I'm actually looking forward to this Hercules movie. I get a Scorpion King vibe from it which, despite it's flaws, I enjoyed. This is due primarily to the fact that The Rock is just such a likable guy. I enjoy it when he plays an over the top good guy just so I can root for him while he lays waste to some bad guys.

I do for some reason really like The Rock he brings some bite to otherwise worthless films. The trailers do not seem overly promising but if I hear enough positives ill give it a whirl.

Say what you will about The Rock, but the man oozes charisma. He has that "it" factor that makes him the best part of a lot of bad movies.

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By car it takes me 10-15 minutes to get to work. I do drive past a mall, however, so some holidays will make it a 20 minute drive. During the Christmas shopping season I take a completely different route that adds 5 minutes to my drive, but avoids the mall where I would be stuck in traffic for an extra 15-20 minutes.

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It is honestly depressing how behind I've gotten on movie news since Screened went down...anyways...

Out of these, I'll probably Netflix/Redbox Hercules and Planets of the Apes eventually. Neither of them are interesting enough to me to go see them in a theater.

Little to no interest in Deliever Us From Evil or Sex Tape.

Pretty much negative interest in Lucy. Saw the trailer for it in front of Godzilla, and it looks terrible.

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I can only listen to the game so I don't have the whole picture, but the entire game so far seems like it has been Belgium vs Tim Howard, with special guest appearances by the rest of the USMNT from time to time.

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Layton, Utah USA

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I wonder if any of the US players get recognised in the street back home. I always imagine its just the immigrant population who are into football over there, but I don't really know.

Any US football fans on here? Whats the feeling like in the US,are people excited for the World Cup - do they even know it's on?

Soccer has gotten very popular here over the last 5 years or so. Not as popular as our football or basketball, or even baseball. But I would wager its rivaling Hockey at this point. MLS has done a good job of getting more and more people as fans. And all the games are on ESPN over here live. Most sports fans know who Dempsey and Donavan are. Howard. Most people know the big names. But I doubt many people could tell you a full roster of an MLS team.

Pretty much this. Soccer is gaining in popularity (I've come across a few articles that have stated that Major League Soccer games have a higher average attendance than NHL and NBA games), but still has a way to go. That said, around here in Utah at least, I saw more people wearing stuff for Real Salt Lake (MLS) than I did for the Utah Jazz (NBA) this year...but that might be because Real made it to the championship match, and the Jazz didn't even make the playoffs. Still, if you had told me 10 years ago I would see more Real than Jazz merchandise, I would have called you crazy.

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I'm having to listen to this on Internet radio and somehow it is making it all the more stressful for me. Good grief, I dunno if I can last through 5 minutes of stoppage.

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I recently bought a new computer after my old one finally started to die on me, so I'm looking forward to (finally) picking up Skyrim and Sleeping Dogs.

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Real Salt Lake!

Truth be told, I am pleasantly surprised to see some Major League Soccer love around here.