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I am not worried about it.

At this point I'm just annoyed that every few days the news around here explodes with "PATIENT ADMITTED TO LOCAL HOSPITAL WITH EBOLA-LIKE SYMPTOMS!" only to have the follow the next day be "nevermind it was the stomach flu."

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I think I would like to play FF6 again for the first time. I was pretty darn young when I played it for the first time, so a lot of story elements like Cyan finding his wife and child dead when Kefka poisons the city, and Celes trying to commit suicide if you don't save Cid were just completely lost on me. If I could, I'd like it replay for the first time now, when I'm mature enough to get it.

Movie wise...if I could, I love to go back and watch the original Star Wars trilogy completely absent of the knowledge of the relationship between Luke and Vader.

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I enjoyed Crackdown 2 more than the original.

Thank you! I was starting to think that I was literally the only person who thought that!

For mine, I'm going to say that I don't get the hate for Devil May Cry 4. Yes, the Dante levels are all backtracks, but Dante is just so much fun to play (switching styles on the fly is AMAZING) that it more than makes up for it.

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I said this in the other GamerGate thread, but perhaps it makes more sense in this one:

So in the aftermath of this, a couple of hopeful things have come about.

Brinna Wu as agreed to be interviewed by Milo Yiannopoulos (aka Nero, one of the figureheads of GamersGate) on his podcast/radio show. Yiannopolous describes this as a "first step," and says that they will discuss the threats made against Wu. It should be noted that it was Wu that reached out to Yiannopolous, and he readily agreed to it.

Not long after that, Stephen Totilo of Kotaku reached out to a pro-GG woman who has suffered her own harassment (including death threats) for her stance on things.

I'm probably being to optimistic about this, but maybe this the start of actual discussion going on instead of all sides just spewing vitriol at each other. At the very least, it will hopefully inspire both sides to do what they can to crack down on the vile stuff being done in their names.

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Another old school suggestion: The Haunting (the 1963 version, not the 1999 one).

I also liked The Woman in Black, but I seem to be pretty much alone on that one.

A lot of people I know will recommend The Changling. I watched it once, but it was with a group of friends so I wasn't really paying attention, but I remember it being properly spooky. Need to watch it again sometime.

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I might be alone on this...but I think Katamari Damancy's intro is weirder.

...Or maybe I'm just a spiteful human being and I don't want to be the only one with that song stuck in my head.

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I'm a pretty casual fan, so I don't really follow too many series, and I prefer to wait until the TPBs are released. But here what I like:

Hellboy and B.P.R.D.: I'm pretty much caught up all the way with Hellboy, but I'm only up to Volume 11 in B.P.R.D, but both series are really good. I talk about them both a the same time since they take place in the same universe. If I had to choose one...gah...I'd say go with Hellboy. Barely.

Atomic Robo: An indie series that I have been following for quite sometime. A good blend of action, humor, and the occasional emotional-playing-with stuff. Also, I maintain that Dr. Dinosaur is the best villain ever. No, seriously. Read these and then say that I am wrong (links are to comics that were put out for Free Comic Book Day for those who are curious what they are clicking).

Godzilla: On this one, take what I say with a grain of salt, because I am unironically a fan of (most things) Godzilla. I grew up on the old Dark Horse Godzilla comics, and have been following the news ones by IDW. The first round in the series, Kingdom of Monsters, was pretty good. The second arc, just called Godzilla or in the full-trade paperback Godzilla: History's Worst Monster was...not good, if I am honest. I am two TPBs into the newest arc, Rulers of Earth, and that one seems to be back in good form.

Manga wise...I'm not as into that as I was years ago. I recently purged by collection to free up some space, and the only titles that survived were Fullmetal Alchemist, Chrono Crusade, Rurouni Kenshin, and One Piece. I have already collected all of Chrono Crusade, and plan to someday finish FMA and Kenshin. One Piece...I like the volumes I have, but the silly thing is just so big and keeps going that I don't if I'll get all the volumes.

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I was 18 at the time, going to college. I sat down to watch a bit of TV before I went to school. They were covering the first crash, and I watched the second plane hit. I had to leave for school shortly thereafter, so I left thinking it was still some kind of horrible accident. I didn't get to check again on the news until about 3 hours later when I had a break between classes (all the teachers didn't mention a thing, except for one who said that he'd try to make class as normal as possible with "all that is going on.") Things were still really confused then, with reports that the Pentagon had been hit by something and that the Towers had collapsed, but they didn't show the footage of the Towers going down so it wasn't really clear what that meant.

On the way home from school I stopped by the local mall to trade out a defective game I had bought the day before. The parking lot was mostly empty, and I guy I knew who worked at the game store (I think it was still Babbage's at the time...might have been Gamestop, I can't remember) was by the doors and let me in. He said that the Mall had been more or less closed down, but he let me in and exchanged my game since they were still on the clock and were getting antsy just listening to the news (I remember the game was Planescape: Torment. Still haven't played it very much...always meant to).

Then I did what everyone else did that day and just went home was watched the news. A few hours after I got home a friend came over and we played some games to try to take our minds off things for a little bit (as a side note: this friend went on to join the National Guard and served a tour in Iraq and a tour in Afghanistan).