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Stevie Wonder isn't blind.

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I am so proud I was a part of this.

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You know sometimes legends are born and sometimes they are forged by battle, created by sheer will and determination. One such supreme warlord of the battlefield is our own mb-gb, who defied all odds by getting an impressive 14,600% accuracy rating on a recent attempted defense of Mars from the evils of Cohagen.

I think it is important we honor the valiant efforts of this noble soldier and his brilliant use of the bow with such efficiency that it breaks the laws of math. Truly impressive.

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I didn't happen to me personally, but waaaaaay back in my high school days me and my friends basically spent an absurd amount of time playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert, and it started to mess with them a bit. One friend reported that he instinctively tried to input the button command to launch his aircraft when in history class a teacher started to talk about nuclear missiles, and the other said that in a class a teacher said "unit loss" and he had to fight the temptation to look around to see where his units were being attacked.

Shortly after, we stopped playing Red Alert every night. Go figure.

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Fully leveled my Excalibur, and now working on leveling my Rhino. Figure Valkyr will be my next one, as I already have two blueprint parts for her...just have to get that last one.

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Tell me about it. I think I've gone from 4 hours play time to 28 since the quick look.

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Just wanted to say "thanks again" to the duders who helped me out on the archwing blueprint quest, because holy cow do excavation missions get out of control really fast.

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So, speaking as someone who as lucky enough to sneak into the main clan, what would be the best way to "contribute" to the clan? I keep seeing all this stuff about research costs and whatnot, and a look at the Warframe wiki didn't really clear it up. Any tips to give to a new player who wants to help the clan out?

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If there is still room after the massive influx I would like to join up...if you don't mind another noob. In-game name is ToastburnerB.

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I'm in the camp of the people who think the prequels and the special editions are fine. I'll be the first to admit that Episodes I and II have their problems (notable the kid playing Anakin in Ep I is far more annoying than Jar Jar ever was, and the romance between Anakin and Padme in Ep II is terrible), but I thought Episode III was pretty good, and none of the stuff added into the Special Editions bugged me. Outside of the effects, I'd bet as a new watcher you won't be able to tell the difference.

Avoid the Christmas Special at all costs. It is literally the worst thing I have ever watched. It's is the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

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Guess I'll just echo the general feeling that, while this does seem to make sense for Patrick (moving on to a more article-oriented site), but I gotta be honest; when I saw he signed up with Kotaku my initial reaction was "ugh, too bad." All the best to him...maybe he'll turn Kotaku into something worth going to.