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Nothing to Write Home About 0

While I don't necessarily want to talk too badly about 'Home', I don't know what good I can say about a game that at the ending screen, the most emotion I could dig up for it was to shrug my shoulders and say "Eh." I thought briefly about playing again to pick up the handful of secrets I missed and to see what would have happened if I made the other choice at the end...but it was a thought I quickly dismissed. The gameplay itself wasn't engaging enough for me to spend doing the same thing over ...

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Not a bad way to burn some free time. 0

This is an odd little puzzle game (emphasis on "odd" and "little") which pretty much revolves around burning things in a fireplace. The gameplay, such as it is, is all about looking at a list of of combos and trying to figure out which items make up that combo. As you burn items, they spawn coins, which allow you to buy more items. As you figure out combos, they spawn stamps, which allow you to have items instantly delivered. You also need a certain number of combos to unlock more catologs to b...

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15 Minutes of Story 0

So, I've been a fan of Blendo Game's stuff in the past. I have put an absurd amount of hours into Atom Zombie Smash, and enjoyed my time in Flotilla. I more recently discovered that another Blendo Game, Gravity Bone, was available on free from the studio's website, and after playing it, decided to throw down the $5 to play Thirty Flights of Loving.I'm not sure it was worth it.First thing's first: 30 Flights is really short. I played through the game once normally and again with "developer comme...

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