• Tondo posted a message on the post Quick Look: Firefall.

    Looks actually much better than I thought it would. Seemed like Jeff and Brad were kinda looking for things to complain about but still managed to have a decent time with it.

  • Tondo posted a message in the forum topic Kite Co. anchors outpost, dedicates to Ryan Davis on the EVE Online board.

    Nice job guys. Good to see these kind of tributes to Ryan showing up in games.

  • Tondo posted a message on the post How to Build a BEAST - Episode 01.

    Nice ! So glad that Vinny is documenting the GBNY start. Cant wait to see what the guys come up with and I hope we get a steady stream of new stuff from them soon.

  • Tondo posted a message on the post Papa Vinny's Pizza Party!.

    God damn, what an amazing send off to Vinny. You will be missed in the SF videos but I hope you can do your own crazy stuff in NY !