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I would be fine with a donate button, but this method is awful. I really hope cities skylines doesn't get paid mod support. At least not in its current form and the content creators getting 25% is a fucking joke. They also need to get $100+ before Valve gives them their money and since they only get one fourth of each sale, that is going to take a lot longer.

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While I know Guitar Hero and Rocksmith cater to different audiences, but if you have even the slightest interest in guitars, pick up a cheap guitar and a copy of Rocksmith instead. It even has custom songs that people make themselves and share and you'll learn a real instrument!

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Well that explains the email. Mystery solved. At one point I was expecting an empty box to arrive at my doorstep.

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If anything, GamerGate has taught me that if a small and loud contingent of hateful people are part of a cause, no matter how righteous, it looses all legitimacy and actual power.

Sadly this is true. I still wish for gaming media, and the industry as a whole, to change for the better. Maybe someday videogames will be about videogames again.

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@dts: The whole ordeal, not just the kingdom come thing, is such a huge mess. But yeah, like most things these days it is probably blown way out of proportion.

Regardless, it is nice to actually be able to talk about this kind of stuff as sensible people. Hopefully this all comes to an end soon enough and we can go back to enjoying video games.

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@dts said:

@torabi said:

Pretty much this. Nobody cares about people who are sensible on the GG side. Even people in this thread seem to think I'm part of a big hate group that wants the world to be darker place, all because I want videogame journalists to be more honest and because I believe game developers shouldn't have to compromise their projects to cater to an audience that won't even play their games in the end or be blacklisted and branded evil.

I get that, but man... The more sensible you are the more you should realize how irredeemably tarnished the GG brand is. If you really want to champion freedom of creative expression there are way better ways then sticking with that name. Not your fault, I know, but it's real nonetheless.

But to your point, who's getting their game blacklisted and branded evil? I feel like I'm pretty deep into games, with my ear to the ground, but I've yet to been invited to blacklists. I mean, unless you count Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3, or EA in general. I'm sure that's not what you're talking about though.

Could you share some information about what types of games are being forced out of the industry, and what has led you to believe this?

You're right. The GG name is gone for good. Better off leaving it.

Regarding the games bit, Kingdome Come Deliverance has been receiving a lot of flak for having a historically accurate game. In the dark ages, during this period in time women and men were sadly not viewed as equals, there's a reason for why it is called the dark ages. The game reflects this by not having female knights and whatnot because it is true to history. But still people are angry at them and telling them to change history for the sake of pleasing a crowd that will most likely not even play their game. There was another game developer talking to the Kingdome Come Deliverance developers on twitter mentioning a similar experience but sadly I do not remember the name. It is also worth mentioning that KC:D will have a story featuring a woman and how she apparently saves the male protagonist, but I guess that isn't good enough.

The whole risking to be blacklisted thing was a part of a ton of tweets from a month or so ago. It was already difficult to keep track of it while it was happening. So unfortunately I do not have any links. But who knows, maybe they were exaggerating a bit. But still, having to compromise what you want to do because of people who in the end, have no interest in what you are doing seems wrong.

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@windjammin said:

This woman has received almost identical threats for supporting gamergate 3 weeks ago. She's had zero coverage or media support. No one critical of gamergate stepped out to denounce it. She's not the only one.

I'll quote from the email she received

"I think it's time to just shove something metal and sharp in the close up c**t of yours and twist.

Stop posting this gamergate bullshit, end your account, and get therapy or any and all of the listed above is going to happen."

There are sociopaths doing horrendous things on both sides of this.

Pretty much this. Nobody cares about people who are sensible on the GG side. Even people in this thread seem to think I'm part of a big hate group that wants the world to be darker place, all because I want videogame journalists to be more honest, and because I believe game developers shouldn't have to compromise their projects to cater to an audience that won't even play their games in the end, but if they don't, they will be blacklisted and branded evil.

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@djkommunist said:

and apparently this gamergate shitshow "isnt" about harassment

That insane person threatening her makes no mention of GamerGate and Brianna herself said that GamerGate isn't about harassing women. So I don't see how your post is relevant.

There are plenty of rational people who want videogame media and the industry to change for the better and be a nicer place for everybody. There are bad apples on both sides, claiming otherwise is foolish.

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I acknowledge your argument and reject it. These people shouldn't be given any kind of attention. Writing blogs, huge multi-page forum threads, and big media outlet articles about them is EXACTLY what they want. If everyone would quit giving them attention, they'd go away. This does NOT mean ignore the death threats and horrible behavior. It means to quit calling it "GamerGate", quit acknowledging that they are powerful enough to warrant a response, and let them realize that if you associate yourself with that behavior, then you can just go sit by yourself in a corner on the internet because no one cares about them or their "beliefs".

This isn't foreign policy where abstinence from acknowledgement would cause catastrophic failure. It's a bunch of whiny, sexist brats who likely don't have spouses, significant others, or anyone meaningful in their life so they take out their frustration by hating on women in the industry. They want attention, and all the people writing about them are doing is giving it to them.

People are threatening each other from both sides. This has nothing to do with GamerGate, it is just crazy people from both sides who are ruining it for everybody. There are plenty of people being harassed and threatened because they support GamerGate, not just against. Beyond a bunch of crazy people I have yet to see anyone in support of GamerGate claiming to be against women or minorities. Saying that they should denounce something that sprung up because of media corruption is just a way for them to shoot themselves in the foot.

The developers of Kingdome Come Deliverance, for example, are receiving hate because they are making a realistic medieval game. People are angry because they don't have female knights. Because guess what, back in the dark ages women were not treated equally, and that sucks, but it is history and to give up accuracy for the sake of pleasing those who complain would defeat the whole purpose of making a historically accurate game. Then we would have to give up everything in order to make sure somebody doesn't get hurt.

I support GamerGate, because I want videogame media to change and not blacklist developers they do not agree with, and I believe that women and minorities should be allowed to enjoy playing and making videogames too. I guess that makes me a bad person then.

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I feel like I discovered GiantBomb way too late. Only been on the site since early autumn of last year and now Vinny is moving. I'm sad. I hope GBNY kicks off soon and things become even more awesome in the future. So much that they decide to open Giant Bomb Sweden so I can join the crew.