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I feel like I discovered GiantBomb way too late. Only been on the site since early autumn of last year and now Vinny is moving. I'm sad. I hope GBNY kicks off soon and things become even more awesome in the future. So much that they decide to open Giant Bomb Sweden so I can join the crew.

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Played RDR a lot on my PS3. Would be great to experience it all again with a higher framerate and resolution. Feels like it has to be a really weird mistake if they were to create an entire page by accident for a game that isn't going to be on PC. But Microsoft has done stranger things.

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Wasn't aware of the fact that the Rift source code is available. No way Zenimax can get anything out of this when the source code is out there as proof that there is nothing in there that was done by Zenimax.

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Living in Sweden sucks right now. Healthcare be damned.

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Hello. As the title suggests, I'm simply requesting a feature, similar to what happens when Patrick goes live on twitch with his spelunky stuff, I get an email from twitch about it. Sadly, as far as I know at least, there is no way of having giant bomb send you an email whenever they go live for stuff like Unprofessional Fridays or Breaking Brad. While I do usually see them on the "coming up" section, sometimes there are spontaneous streams that are not announced until 5 minutes before they go live and I almost always miss these because there is no way of knowing that they are about to happen unless I spend all of my days monitoring facebook, twitter or t he giant bomb site. I do however quickly notice whenever I get an email.

It really sucks to check the site and see that you are nearly three hours late to a stream. Sure I can rewind but it is a lot more fun to see it live.

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The second they said 6v6 I said:

Fuck Titanfall

Maybe when they release Titanfall 2 in a year and they up the player limit.

"Oh no this one thing about a videogame that I haven't played isn't exactly what I wanted. Worst game ever!"

I enjoy big battles with lots and lots of players. But just because the game is limited to 6v6 doesn't automatically mean it is bad. If a game is designed around 6v6 then it is just that, designed around that player cap. It isn't as if they had big matches with hundreds of players and went "nah let's take it down". Gears of War had 4v4 and it was a ton of fun because the game was designed around that number of players.

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This is great. Even though I am a very happy subscriber, it is nice to see that you don't want to lock everything behind a pay wall. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

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Doesn't matter if they pioneered or not. I find GiantBomb the most entertaining gaming related site. So it doesn't matter who was "first", it matters who does it best and GB does just that. (In my opinion)

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I am disappointed in the lack of deaths after watching him play Volgarr the Viking. I hope his wand stops being useful real soon. Glad I can watch this since even though I love the load up our last souls series I can't watch it since I'd like to complete Dark Souls myself instead of spoiling the whole game.

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Too little, too late. I could've lived with the always on since I wanted to play with my friends anyway, but the tiny cities still kills it.

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