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Feel like a post titled like this should actually contain all titles show, instead of everything meaning what the author remembers/cares about.

Also the "goodbye Ustream" reaction, seems highly unprofessional. So Twitch is the most prolific service and you might not like Ustream, we don't know if both options were kept around and other people might prefer it. I don't know if Ustream doesn't have better servers in locations where Twitch doesn't. Heck I wish there are as many options available as possible, even Youtube would be a great move even if it is limited to people with a sizeable amount of subscribers.

Also I believe prices for memory cards might've been announced but due to the camera weren't visible, not sure.

Also as I feel a large enough audience of GB is not in North America, stating other release dates, etc. might be nice.

Now that the criticism is over, complements are also in order for the work that is actually done well. Keep it up.