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2015+3D Realms=2045. I will be long dead.

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This Ain't No Game

I do kind of wish that DSII didn't have those gimmicky pre-order items. I could care less, but it's a horrible trend for those "gotta have somethin' others don't" kind of folks.

BTW if I didn't know to take this tongue-in-cheek I'd call it cheesy-as-shit.

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To Klepick: There is a mode in the inventory where your stash items are always compared to what is equipped. No denying however, DS's menu took some getting used to.

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Unfortunately, this spot let's me know Square could still be making much greater games than they are with staggeringly less overhead and development time. As glorious as these sprites are, it is saddening to think that Square thinks of this as a mere recap movie.

Since Square has proven it's possible, and the response to this vid is pretty much unanimous: Bring on FFVI-2.

I double dog dare you!

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I always have an issue with a beloved franchise that is no longer being headed by its original team.

That said, this game looks pretty cool, but it will be a long stretch to think the developers are going to "honor" the original "Thief" quirks. The voices and distinctive sound design are among the details that endeared fans to the originals. Of course "Expert Mode" was the ONLY way to play the originals. There is no buzz about this game at which I thought there would be. Maybe we will hear from some ex-Looking Glass folks as this gets closer to release.

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Dude, who shot my car?

I do find the x-ray aspect of the shooting to be very satisfying.


Lol what's with the shitty word problem above my post?

My mother's brother's dog's old owner got kicked in the nads twice as hard as his little brother who only makes $40 an hour and he lost his job 8 years ago, but if he yanks his crank 9 times and says three hail marys twice a week he make four times as much as his six younger siblings, and made $44,479 after sitting in front of his computer jerking his gherkin once. Halleluiah!

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Sheeeit! Why wait?

Shut the fucking thing down right now.

I hated the feature the moment I heard it, maybe Blizz can use me as a bad idea detector. I don't charge much;)

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Well not only does no Steven Russell indicate a potentially inferior Garrett voice, it also points to a less entertaining Benny voice. Russell was the man behind MANY integral Thiefsie voices. At the mention of Benny I also think of the "dumb" guard - "smart" guard dialogs between Russell and Daniel Thron who voiced "smart" guard, and did the cinematics for Thief.

As with most unnecessary reboots, this one is rapidly shriveling up in my mind.

I wish Levine was interested in making a Thief game.

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GoshGolly GoshDarnit when the Fuck are games all gonna get serious again, fucking stupid jokes all the goddamn time

I live in Chicago(kind of) and I warn Mr. Lang right now, if I see him, I am going to hug him.

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With new systems comes the $10 bump in game prices. No thanks. Unless I have a lot of cash just sitting there, or I find my way into writing for a gaming site, I will be fine with waiting.