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Posted by tuksu


This is just odd, this guy had funny joke in the end section of the news broadcast and got fired!!
Posted by GunslingerPanda

Probably got fired for being an unprofessional asshole.

Posted by tuksu
@GunslingerPanda: And you say that in States there are no funny bits in the broadcasts? This guy have been in broadcasting over 25 years, So i think he has right to do something like this.
Posted by GunslingerPanda
@tuksu: I don't know about the states, but if someone did that in an English broadcast, mother fucker should expect to be fired.
Posted by FunExplosions
@tuksu: 25 years? He sounded real nervous to me. Kinda hesitant and stuttery. His firing seems a bit harsh, though, especially if he's established himself well within the 25 years.
Posted by tuksu
@FunExplosions:  Yeah, i think he is a freelancer! But i just don't get it! I found this very hilarious, cause those news are always so strict and formal so this was a nice breeze of humor.
Posted by Zzzleepy

Meh, seems a bit harsh to fire someone over that, you should have the right to be a little bit silly sometimes!

Posted by tuksu
@Zzzleepy:  I agree!
Posted by Video_Game_King

Why do I feel like he's from the Alamo? Not the Houston area, I mean the actual Alamo from the 1800s. I feel like he should have a musket strapped to his back.

Posted by tuksu
@Video_Game_King:  I don't think that would help his situation any bit at all :D !
Posted by Pinworm45

He got fired for that? After working there for 25 years? what a joke.

Posted by LackingSaint

Bah ha ha.
Sucks that he got fired, that was a funny bit.

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He got fired for THAT?  I was expecting something at least mildly offensive.  Oh well.

Posted by VicRattlehead

isnt this youtube spam?

Posted by PassiveKaerenai

Jokes aside, his news-reader voice really sucks.

Posted by Emilio

awww, but that was funny.

Posted by tuksu
@VicRattlehead:  ummm...no ?
Posted by PatVB

I can see someone getting fired for this at a serious news station, but this dude sounds like a public access newsman. I don't understand why he was fired.

Posted by VicRattlehead

@tusk ummm yes?