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Well they played it for about an hour on the latest UPF. From what I saw it seemed really fantastic, hopefully ghosts will be given something to do while hanging out being a ghost before the proper release.

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I think FTL would work especially well. There's a new batch of content coming out in a couple of days which would be a great time to jump in. He's expressed interest in evolution of play as you learn new mechanics and the game better over time which the game is friendly towards. The capital ship sets a very clear goal to reach and the game itself allows enough customization and unlocks that he can pursue a variety of ways to reach that end objective after he reaches it the first time. There's enough randomization play to play that can create very different games, but the game remains consistent enough to not throw you off entirely in a run. Something like NETHACK is interesting, but visually maybe not. Don't Starve could be an option but I needed to consult a wiki and some guides in order to penetrate some of the game's mechanics and a heavy reliance on chat advice isn't particularly interesting.

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@sf2733: I think it's fine for him to have his opinion on the whole thing like literally anyone else who has heard of the two companies but self proclaiming himself as an investor is inherently false. If his anger is coming from what he feels he's owed by the company he can just fuck right off. Like I wouldn't care that he said any of the things he said if he didn't call himself an investor in the company. I feel as if he was a potential developer for the product and his knowledge base of it lags behind those currently developing for the platform. Given the quick talks of the deal, made at GDC, I don't feel he's at all qualified any more than any other developer to give thoughts on the issue. I'm not saying he can't or shouldn't have his opinions or even that they're different from mine, I'm just saying he's inflating his importance to the whole thing.

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@sf2733: he hasn't "invested" anything though. That's literally what's being said in the article. When you back a project on Kickstarter, like Notch did, it's a gift to that person or company. You are owed literally nothing. You are owed zero financial return, physical goods, or ownership shares. It could not be more clear. Notch calling himself an investor in the company is either a fundamental misunderstanding on his part or a self aware artificial inflation of his role.

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In college I was pretty interested in a girl that had my own name, except with an extra N at the end of it. The name was a large part of why I never pursued it any further, it'd be easier to date someone with a family name than my own I feel.

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Patrick, thank you for writing these features every week. Giant Bomb is one of the few sites I do go to for gaming industry related news because I enjoy and trust the writers and content creators that work there. These features help me discover some articles and other noteworthy events I would otherwise miss (Like swery!). So thank you, I appreciate the time and effort you put into these.