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My son bought this for himself. He's 7 and he loves it. That said, this is a lame boxing game, and it is shamelessly micro-transaction based. The game itself is 800 points, but in order to paint your robot you have to pay an additional 240 points. If you want to buy a unique robot it's 800 points, but if you want to buy each individual robot part (arm, leg, head) it is 160 points. New fighting techniques are 160 points as well.

However, if you're 7, this is an awesome game as long as you buy the base game plus the designer. For me, I played an hour of it and I'm done. Forever.

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Is this still not fixed, or am I not looking in the right place? 

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Wow, I believe I just got served. On that note, I finally got un-lazy enough to sit down and RTFM. By not doing reading I had missed the explanation of Deftness, AND I also missed that Patty allows you to create new characters for your party! That would have made the boss battles easier!
New personal rule: RTFM for every RPG, no matter how boring. 
Thanks SteamPunkJin

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I'm looking at my character stats and there's one that I can't map to any particular skill in my brain: Deftness. What does deftness do to affect a character?

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@SteamPunkJin: Ha! Brilliant! I hadn't though of using it that way. I'll have to keep that in mind.
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Poll created successfully! Thanks guys. I was trying to create it from a game-specific thread.

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Okay, I must be super stupid. I don't see it. I don't see the make a poll button or the create a poll instead button. What gives?

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Dude! Get a DS! You won't regret it. I just got my DS a few weeks ago (in anticipation of getting DQ9) and I can't believe it took me this long to get one. I got a DSi bundled with Bowser's Inside Story and that game is 20+ hours of freaking fabulous JRPG splendor right there. Seriously, Bowser's Inside Story has earned a place in my   Top 10 JRPG's of All Time! 
But, DQ8 is on that list too. And you can get DQ8 used from GameStop for about $10. Heck of a deal!

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@Red: In Fable II it's a similar deal; they don't want you cheating when you go online so you can't have multiple saves per character. However, Fable II still let you roll new characters and have separate saves for different characters. That would have been nice for DQ9 and, in this scenario, with both me and my daughter wanting to play separate games, it would have done the trick.
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