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Posted by TurboMan

Best of Giant Bomb Quick Looks 1 was blocked for some fucking reason and I'm pissed now... anyone know who these dutch fuckers are?

Posted by Pepsiman

Not that I can offer any translation help, but I'd imagine it's just robots making an obviously bullshit claim. I've known of that happening to other YouTubers and it seems to happen largely with non-English speaking entities, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, too. Still sucks you have to put up with it, though. Probably Game Bomb sending their European goons after us so their users don't come to be enlightened about the real thing.

Posted by Mento

Deutschland is Germany, dude. It sounds like it's a cease and desist from "Europe's Greatest Stunts", the show that Crash Time is based off of. The footage GB showed from the special features must be copyrighted. Bummer. Just remove that part (not the game itself) and I think you ought to be cool.

Posted by dudeglove

Is the crash time QL also blocked? (if it's on YouTube)