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Add me psn:TwiggyMcTwig really struggling with 2nd boss

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Psn: TwiggyMcTwig lvl 30 hunter w/both sub classes maxed out.

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Condescending people provoke me.

Another thing I hate is when you have a "friend" that's cool when it's just you two, but as soon as the other friend comes in it's like you became a turd, then the third party leaves and all of a sudden he wants to be your bro again..... Fuck off!.

EDIT: And racists, there's only one race and that my dear friends is the human one... am I right?.

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Yeah it's been good and only getting better. With Dan joining and Metal Gear Scanlon starting I finally decided to become a premium member, some videos back in the day caught my eye like breaking brad but it wasn't enough, I was never to fussed about happy hour because I didn't really care about the other sites. I was just there for Giant Bomb. I maybe totally off the mark but I feel like Dan has brought some really interesting ideas to the table. The only downside is I don't get to see or hear as much of Vinny as I'd like to. I came to the site because of Jeff but Vinny ended up being my favourite with his hilarious style of play by which I mean just trying to break shit. Oops rambling on, but yeah, good year!.

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I'm so hype right now!.

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I only bought a ps4 for this but along the way my xbox one gradually collected dust which I wasn't expecting. I'm so excited for Bloodborne I check my preorder far to often its now 52 days 19 hours 40 mins and 30 seconds :( hurry!.

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Firs, gat n resident, they sound familiar...

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Fallout 3 and New Vegas then Dark souls, my list could go back as far as Counter Strike with loads in between.

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I'll raid psn ID TwiggyMcTwig.

Edit: I've never done a raid....