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I havnt played a Battlefield game since the letdown of Battlefield 2 but when they add Star Wars to the mix im in again. I will probably go for the PC but who knows, i love my PS4 aswell.

Battlefield 2 was a letdown? I was under the impression that BF2 was the yardstick by which all old-school Battlefield fans measured DICE games.

It is, Isn't it?. BF2 was amazing...

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I bought the game which took just under 2 days to download, well, became partially playable, then took another 16 hours to "install". It's just not acceptable by todays standards. I could of walked to the local supermarket and back literally a hundred times if not more and got it cheaper...

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Will do things for cash... Hahaaa just kidding, there's GB clans to join that'll team up with you. This will more than likely get removed duder...

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Not bothered...

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To me there is a lot more to it than just the games on each console. I can't really speak into the technical side of things. I was a massive fan of the 360, I never even thought about getting a PS3. But this gen I thought I'd get both, I got the Xbox one first, absolutely loved it, couldn't stay off it.

I got the ps4 a few months later, and the Xbox just shrivelled up into the corner and is now the proud collector of dust.

I prefer the Xbox one controller, but I'm just not a fan of the bumpers. The ps4 controller is still pretty good, the only downside is that they get slippy real fast with next to no grip on the sticks I find myself having to go under the sticks after a couple of hours play, rather than sat on top. In my eyes the 360 controller is the #1 controller made to date.

I feel the speed of the PS4's UI (Home/ Dashboard) is part of the appeal to me, it's very simple and responsive, where the "Bone" looks pretty and simple, but is in fact quite complicated to navigate and extremely sluggish. It can feel like a lifetime trying to find anything that isn't pinned.

They both have their ups and downs but to me the dust speaks for itself. Also I was the owner of the Original Xbox and never had a PS2, so the fanboy inside my heart would say get the Xbox, but my head would say go for the PS4. Why?. Because it's just better...

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That's pretty disgusting, I've just payed £40 for both dlc's wich both together felt like a £15 dlc from the previous generation.

Also, i wonder what percentage of their user base is actually the special edition, because it wasn't single handedly the special edition owners that made the game what it is today. We all are. We are/were all fans, we made it what it was. Without us they are literally nothing. It really infuriates me!.

All I can say to them is, don't bite the hand that feeds you...

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Can I jump on this band waggon of awesomeness and get an invite too?.

Want to play me some 360 titles on the 1993 VCR system "Xbox one".

GT:Twiggy McTwig

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Another thing, I should be excited for DarkSouls III but I'm just not...

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1.Fallout 4.

2.Final Fantasy VII.

3.Cuphead. (That art style).

4.World of Final Fantasy. (Weirdly excited).

Nothing else really, I was extremely excited about Battlefront but from what they showed this year it kinda looks boring and not what I expected it to be, (a Battlefront game) but we'll see.

No Man's Sky looks interesting but I'm not gonna get hyped about it until I know what it actually is, I'd say I'm more curious than excited.

Sea of thieves looked amazing but, again, I need to "sea" what it actually is, pun intended...

Doom looked like it'd probably be my number 5 as they look to have "nailed it".

Oh shit, Street fighter V, that's my number 3 , Cuphead and World of FF move down!.

What a great E3, it's gonna be an expensive winter.

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Yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see how they pull this off. I bought FFVII on Vita but I thought it'd best be left as a memory rather than forcing my way through an old ass game. I'm not really a big FF fan but I'm weirdly excited for "World of Final Fantasy" as well. I'd never heard of Final Fantasy when I was younger I ended up with VII well into the PS2 cycle as it was fairly cheap and we were quite poor, that game lasted me until I got my O.G XBOX, I think that's why VII holds Such a dear place in my heart. God I'm blabbing. Yes, my answer is yes!.

EDIT: Oh and that music...