List of Things I looked Up As A "Cliche RPG Monster"

 I finally completed the quest!!!! And I'm tired of looking up monster types... so i made this list of things that AREN'T cliche RPG monsters for others. 

List items

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Posted by LoFiThriller

Lol this came up on google when trying to get some help for this ridiculous quest. Quality!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Oh, thank you.  I needed that laugh.  Yeah, the definition of cliche was a rather loose one.  It all depends on how many RPGs you've experienced, I guess :)

Posted by Penelope

It's pretty funny how many of these I have searched for myself.

Posted by twilightjedi08

After i made this list I saw someone else had made one too and i was laughing at how many things we had in common. How is that the rest of the world all had the same idea of a cliche rpg monster but giantbomb picked such obscure ones?

Posted by DownbeatGorilla

That was probably their point. The more obscure the answer, the more lucrative the quest.

Posted by dudeglove

LOL ninja.

Posted by Seedofpower

I only found one and the other 4 are pissing me off.

Posted by JBrighty

the first monster to find on the quest list is not in this one

Posted by twilightjedi08
@JBrighty:  That's the point. If you read the list description its everything that IS NOT part of the quest. I'm not just going to give out answers that some ppl spent a couple hours looking for.
Posted by ReDfr0st

i just spent a coule(3) hours looking at every monster known to the gaming world. can someone just pm me the answer now?  ty
Posted by 5parrowhawk

Bah, I managed to guess 4 but the last one eludes me. How they missed such obvious things as zombies, skeletons and demons is beyond me. Not to mention spiders and ogres... This quest was pretty badly designed, really. There's no way to figure out what the correct answers are except by going through every possible one.

Posted by Uglytuc

I've been searching for the last one for a couple of hours now.  Not cliche I don't think.

Posted by matthewrex

Haha, this made me laugh. I'm not sure cliche is the right term.

Posted by Stahlbrand

Yeah, I'm 3/5 on this now, and I found this after looking up at least a third of this list.

Posted by Lombaszko
Posted by JohnnyMaverik

Yea I've searched most of those, I'm now going through all of the concepts and opening up each enemy to see if I get a hit. So far I'm 10 pages in and still with the 3/5 that I had when I started :'(

Posted by maimran91

Maybe I should make a bigfoot page

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

The quest must be the weirdest one I have encountered.  It isn't about clichéd monsters, but seemingly about extremely rare non-clichéd monsters.  Still this made me laugh because I looked at all of these as well.    

Posted by LetterT

Now I don't have to make a list. You've made essentially the same list I would have. ha!

Posted by saroorhai

I would add slime monster, but I see you have flan on there.
Posted by ThisKidInNorway

To me, it seems like you've played a lot of FF and WoW, but then again, I haven't played much more than that either (I haven't played WoW. Ever.). I play FF and KH (Does that count as an RPG?) and I'm hoping to find a copy of Persona 3 and 4.

Posted by Jay75

@JBrighty: CRAP !

Posted by JoeHonkie

Yes, one of many quests where 90% of my ideas that fit don't work!

Posted by valahuir

Man I know how people feel, I'm on 4/5 and 3 of them make compete sence, one less so if your not up on your DnD. and yet the last one eludes me.

I've tried most things here too, and I agree with people, why skeletons or zombies were not one I have no idea.

Posted by Deusoma

It has just occurred to me that since the quest system was wrongfully removed in the update, I will never get to know what the other "cliche RPG monsters" they had in mind were. How depressing.