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It is the little moments in life that really change out comes. To brush or not to brush teeth or hair could affect the rest of your day. I am the type of person who believes such little things are essential to maintaining a balanced life, a life full of possibility. The small moments are important because of how overlooked they can become. Each decision made by a person is important to everyone and everyone is important to an individual. It sounds kind of hive minded, but I think that's what this world needs, more hive minds. 

I do believe in a higher power, God the original G. I do not ascribe to any organized religious affiliation. Something about gatherings makes me feel uncomfortable. I consider myself antisocial when it comes to religious things. At any rate, the small moments in life are the focus of mine.

I'm an educator. I like how games have the ability to show us how the smallest decisions we make daily affect our lives. Whether we spend 12 hours on World of Warcraft or 48, our lives are affected positively or negatively. It is all up to us.